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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thurman Inaction

Wednesday evening Thurman. And why not?

While this might be the least actiony In Action card I've ever seen it is still pretty cool. Because Thurman, obviously, but how often do you see a mound conference on a trading card? Not bloody often.

Not sure what Terry Harmon is doing on the back of a Thurman Munson card but apparently his chances record for a second sacker is still intact. Terry has his own card in 1972 Topps and it's just as actiony as Thurman's!


Unknown said...

Two things:

1. This post's title had me hoping for Crazy Eyes Gary Thurman.

2. My favorite conference on the mound card is 1987 Topps Brewers Leaders.

Captain Canuck said...

this IS pretty cool... but it's nothing compared to Thursday Night Chippah.

But then again, what is??

skoormit said...

Weren't most of the 86-87-88 Topps "Team Leaders" cards pictures of mound meetings?

Case in point.