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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Additions to the Topps206 SP Variation Gallery

Got one in a trade, the other in a blaster. No one's taken me up on my offer to link their blog if they let me swipe a SP image off one of their posts, so I may have to resort to ganking images off of eBay soon.

Ty Cobb SP

Gordon Beckham SP

Remember, T206 short prints have the last name of the player or 'rookie' on the back, SP minis are on different all-white card stock.

Variation gallery can be found here.


Grand Cards said...

Swipe all you like! I've got the full-sized Porcello in this post and mini versions of all of the Tigers including SPs right here. Take whatever you need.

thehamiltonian said...

I don't have the link handy right now, but I think there is an Utley scanned on my blog.

If there isn't, I will scan it tonight and post it.

gritz76 said...

I just put a few up for ya over at the project. Hope it helps.

Roy-Z said...

I have a Porcello SP if you'd like, I can post it on mine. It's a wonderful card.

thehamiltonian said...


There'a the link. Let me know if you want a scan of the front.

Anonymous said...

I have a CC Sabathia SP that I'll post for you.

Sharpe said...

I'm so behind on posts. I think it's been a month. I've got an entire blaster to post that features two of these babies. I'll get right on it.

I very much like the SPs.