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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mini-bipped by gcrl

Here's another one card trade post for you, I've added a mini-bipping that coincidentally occured for Thorzul's amusement.

gcrl traded Mario of  Wax Heaven fame a whole bunch of Luis Polonia cards and in return got some Tristar Obak in return. I coveted the Gene Conley auto since I first saw it on Wax Heaven so I offered him a Maury Wills auto for it. Jim accepted the offer and sent the Obaks plus a whole mess of Braves in return. There are at least two other posts I can pull out of that box, but it's Sunday, I'm tired from work, I'm sick as a dog and I'm gonna be lazy and do the easy post.

Goudey 1935 4-in-1 Braves blue parallel

I'm not a big fan of '09 Goudey in general, but this one insert set makes up for the rest of the mediocrity of that set. I would have given Democratic Roadkill a healthy chunk of my set, but someone beat me to it and filled up his wantlist. The 4-in-1s I like though. The original 1935 Goudey set basically took images from the original 1933 Goudey set, shrunk them down and put them four to a card more or less grouped by teams. One of the Braves' cards from that set has Babe Ruth as one of the subjects, commemorating his brief stint with Boston to finish his career. This card here has a nice group of Braves (and ex-Braves) on the card.

Chipper Jones - Face of the Franchise, so recognizable as a Brave that if you put Babe Ruth in a red home alternate jersey, 99.9% of humanity thinks it's Chipper. The other .1% don't follow baseball and Babe Ruth is the only ballplayer they can think of. Chipper is nearing the end of his career, and there's a lot of worry in BravesLand that he might not be able to produce like he once did in '10. I think he can still be at the very least a 20 homer, 85 RBI .290 hitter for two or three more years,but I'm a homer.

Jeff Francouer - Mr. Natural, Hometown Hero, The Lilburn Flash, fan favorite, makes all the girlies swoon, chicks wearing #7 jerseys all over the ballpark and forcing their boyfirends to do the same. And he got traded to the Mets for a guy we DFA'd . How could this happen? Well, he forgot how to hit for one thing. Or just never knew how to in the first place. He's had some success up in New York, we'll see this year if he can build on that or if the clock strikes 12 and he turns back into a pumpkin.

Kelly Johnson - The guy sure knows how to hit, it was finding a position for him that was the problem. The Braves stuck him out in left field for a season, then moved him to second base when Marcus Giles was abducted by aliens. He was a good, patient (if not too patient) hitter but when the injury big bit in 2009, Martin Prado stepped in and Wally Pipped him all the way to Arizona.

Brian McCann - Chipper's heir apparant as Mr. Brave, the best catcher in the National League, an All-Star every full full season in the bigs, quite a handsome devil, always kind to animals, a gentleman and a scholar, flosses twice a day, loves his mother and a hell of a dancer.

Not a bad lineup for a Braves fan like myself. gcrl also inadvertantly mini-bipped me in the package:

There were only three Glavines and Jim didn't insult my manhood while bipping me as is the custom, but I thought it was notable. Thanks Jim!

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dogfacedgremlin said...

I don't think 3 cards count as a bipping, do they?