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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bip or No Bip?

After getting Rutgers-Bipped the other day, I've been gun shy on opening any strange packages that arrive at my doorstep. NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. I've been carefully examining every package for tell-tale signs of an impending Bip. In these troubled times you have to be paranoid and Thorzul's insane project has me more wound up than Gene Hackman in The Conversation. Speaking of Thorzul, doesn't it seem a little odd that  the guy who came out so strongly against posting trade packages also simultaneously launched the practice of Bipping other bloggers, something which promotes, nay, demands that Bipping trade packages be posted? IT'S A CONSPIRACY! I'm on to you Thorzul...

I have received three packages since my peace of mind was broken by Bip. Each sender left their calling card as well as a pile of potential Bippage. I shall show off the unopened package here, and you tell me: Bip or No Bip?

EXHIBIT A: Madding

Madding included a piece of paper with his blog's address and logo: Cards on Cards. On the back is a hand written note: "No funny business, I swear!" Nice try Madding, nice try. I'll be the judge of that. Here is the potential Bip: front, back and a side scan to show the card strata.

Front: an innocent Fleer Braves sticker. YOU'RE FOOLING NO ONE

Back: Some sort of Donruss card. I think it was the shiny one. Legends? Maybe that's Bob Pettit.

Strata: Look at that big swatch of white. That's all 1991 Upper Deck Jack Morris, I can feel it.


The Collective Troll included a plethora of interesting detritus in his package, including this Pennywise cassette cover (with no cassette), another cassette, this time with tape included but the cover has sandpaper glued to it, a collection of roller derby ads including the "Faster Rollergirl, Hit! Hit!" postcard I coveted, and a really creepy sticker with "I know nothing" written on it. Seriously, that sticker scares me.

Front: Kosuke Fukudome. Is Troll giving me a big Fuku in this package?

Back: Allen & Ginter common off my wantlist. Hmm... does that complete a page? Can I complete a page full of Eatons?

Strata: There's an awful big swath of Topps in there... I'm not sure if Troll has the requisite mass of inventory for such a massive Bip, however.

EXHIBIT C: Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius

Matt sends me a package of completely utterly random stuff every 6 months or so like clockwork. As always, there is a note: "Here are some cards for no particular reason". Ah, BUT IS THERE A REASON THIS TIME MATT? Is there....?

Front: Russ ORtiz looking all smiley on a Bowman Heritage card. Are you laughing at me Russ? LAUGH IT UP RUSS

Back: '86 Topps Gene Garber. Nah, too easy. You don't put your Bip card on the back.

Strata: That's uh, a whole lotta random there. Matt sent several bricks of cards in the box he sent (an old 100-count plastic sheet box which is as neat as the cards themselves) so it wouldn't suprise me if he spread out the Bipping throughout all the packs in a stealth Bip. That would be Matt's style...

So what do you think? Did I get Bipped? Or am I a raving lunatic? OR BOTH??? Let me know in the comments, I'll post the actual results over the next three days.


NicoLax24 said...

Hey man, I have a bunch of braves cards for you. If you email me your address, I'll send them over to you.

night owl said...

I have this almost figured out, but only because I have insider information (I have received packages recently from 2 of the 3). So in order:

no bip, no bip, BIP.

SpastikMooss said...

I agree with Night Owl on the lack of Cards on Cards bippage. I think he was just feeling particularly generous, or maybe he just wanted to sucker Thorzul into reading all these posts to find out if a Bip had truly happened. If so, niiiice.

Collective Troll said...

I am offended for more than 1 reason... 1. I can't believe that you would suspect the first package I have sent you in a year as malicious
2. I can't believe that you would question the size of my inventory. My inventory is of above average size, thank you very much.
I don't have any inside info here (actually I do) but I think you will be very pleased and not at all threatened by 2 of the 3 packages. Be careful man!

Play at the Plate said...

Someone bipped you. I can "feel" it. As for the size of the Troll's "inventory", I hope we're talking about cards.

madding said...

I have Bipped one person, but he had it coming...

Matt F. said...

I'm looking forward to finding out too...I've sent a bunch of packages recently and I can't remember if I Bip-ed you or not...Your wrapped package was sitting there for a while before I sent it so it might have been done for Bip-ping was even invented!

Thorzul said...

"He's kill us if he had the chance."