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Monday, April 4, 2011

About Damn Time

Thanks to the 2011 Topps Atlanta Braves Team set, Eric Hinske finally has a card where he is in a Braves uniform.

Here's the checklist if you're interested:

I'll post a few of the other cards that weren't in Series One throughout the week.


Chris Mays said...


flywheels said...

The addition of Hinske is awesome, but so is Medlen. I can't wait until he's back in the rotation.

Derek Hill said...

Where does one go about acquiring one of these sets?

Justin McLeod said...

I'm a Cubs fan, and I say it's about time!

dayf said...

Found mine at Target. They usually have 'em at Wally World too.

They've also revamped last year's Allen & Ginter Value box to one with 2 hobby packs of Heritage, 5 packs of Topps, 2 code cards and a refractor of a hall of famer. No Starssboork though.