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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dime Box Kryptonite #4 - Goudey SPs

Okay, these cards didn't come out of a dime box, they were in a 50 cent box. I am still powerless in their presence.

Killer! I've actually driven on Killebrew drive. I regret not going to a Twins game in the old BaggieCheaterDome when I was up there for work a decade ago. I did get a cool Chipper Jones MLB showdown box and a Corey Koskie promo card from the Wizards of the Coast shop at Mall of America though.

Wright! I played third base in my softball days so I have a soft spot for Davey even though he plays for the enemy. Yes, the Mets are still the enemy even though they've been rendered a joke due to a Ponzi scheme. Of course, right now the Braves are fiercely fighting them for fourth place in the East. Why oh why can't we have a decent April??

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