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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1977 Joe Kerrigan

See? I'm still posting! I haven't dropped off the face of the earth yet! (over/under is 10 more days) Here's another card from the Transmogrifier made tangible.

1977 Topps Joe Kerrigan

Good ol' 1977 Topps. The most middle-of-the-road unoffensive mediocre design in all of Vintagedom. I think Topps even swiped the team name font for a couple of sets in other sports. So, how did this bland card end up condition wise. 

Not great. 

Centering is slightly off, but no big deal. All four corners are dinged, but not badly. There's another ding on the right side in the middle. On the other side is a small wrinkle and there's another wrinkle on tip by the S. These things are ok for a 34 year old card. The killer is a solid crease going diagonally down from the J in Joe's name and grazing the top of his cap. This crease was caused by some straight edge too, it's not a typical crease caused by accidentally sitting on a card or sticking it in the bicycle spokes or getting crunched in a drawer. I completely missed it in the toploader too. You gotta always take vintage cards out of the toploader and inspect 'em good, kiddos!

Of course, being a rookie card of a pitching coach that I got for free* I don't really care. It fills a hole in a set and the card looks pretty good if you look at it in the right light. And check out the hottie at Ty Cline's ice cream shoppe! Yowza! Ty is serving up his special roofie beer float for the lass. Honestly, of all the cards I received, I was only disappointed int he condition of one of them, so remember that when I'm nitpicking the slightest condition flaw of each of the upcoming cards.

I got Joe in exchange for a 1976 Mike Jorgenson cards. 'Spo for 'Spo! You could never quite manage to trade year for year though...

*not actually free, terms and conditions apply, void where prohibited by law, Canadian winners must solve the following skill question: Prove P=NP, 27.9% APR, your momma dresses you funny and girls don't like you, the TSA is logging your IP and notifying your internet service provider, have a nice day.

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