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Monday, April 25, 2011

Top 20 Intermission - What the hell was I thinking

All dedicated dime box scroungers has this happen to them. After spending hours putting together wantlists and vowing to focus only on the cards they actually need, the box diggers frenzy strikes and a whole bunch of weirdness ends up in the shopping cart. Here's some oddball crap that I got from the card show that I really did not need at this point in my life. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing.

I know what I was thinking here, I like Carlton Fisk, and I had just put an Eddie Mathews and Tom Glavine from the same insert set in my stack. Makes sense. The card is damn ugly though.

Well., I am a fan of the WBC. And it is fairly shiny. Why I picked out a card with a Yankee and a Met, I don't rightly know. Maybe I meant to give this Jeter to Sooz but forgot. Man, I really bungled the scans on this lot didn't I. I'm not going to take the time to rescan my dime box Fails, so you'll have to deal.

Ok, I know why on this one. Alex Gonzalez is the Braves' shortstop. So I grabbed a Bowman's best die cut insert of a Florida Marlin with Mark Grudzielanik on the back. There's a dime I'll never see again.

You gotta admit, a card of Bo Jackson and George Brett is pretty kickass, even with the hideous Donruss Design. They're about to beat the crap out of each other with baseball bats!

This card tests the theory that any Ichiro card is a good Ichiro card. This is from a set called Topps Pack Wars. Basically, you and a friend go to a card shop, plop down $20 a throw for a pack of this junk, choose a statistic and whoever has the highest total wins the relic card inserted into the pack. You know, just like if you were playing pack wars with some 50 cent packs of 1988 Topps, except it costs $40, and one of you leaves with nothing and the other gets a relic of Eric Chavez and an auto of Johnny Estrada.

Q: Why did Dayf buy this card?

a) he hates Griffey and wants to voodoo it
b) the busyness of the card hypnotized him
c) he likes old-timey looking cards to have newfangled players on them
d) everyone and their brother collects Reds and Dayf is clean out of Cincinnatians.

If you chose D, congrats! You passed the quiz!

Teddy's my favorite President, sure. This was in the dollar box though, not the dime box. In my defense, it was the 6th card in a 6 for 5 dollar deal. However, the prosecution notes that I went back and bought another dollar card from the box after this one and that I am an inveterate box scrounging collector. The defense agrees wholeheartedly and rests their case. I need a new lawyer.

Another Jeter card! That I don't even want! The hell is wrong with me.

Here's half of a Griffey insert card. Not sure who's on the other half. Probably A-Fraud. Did I mention I don't like Griffey anymore? Maybe I bought this for trading purposes.

I like oddball mini cards, that is not in question. I still am not sure why I got this card of the Father of Texas from a football retro set that I don't have the time or energy to seriously collect anymore. I guess the combination of mini and history grabbed me. Austin is apparently a happenin' little town though. Wasn't Slacker filmed there? That's a good enough reason as any to buy this card.



BA Benny said...

BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet has an exchange program. You can turn in any Mets, Yanks, A-Frauds, Griffey's, Fisk's, and Brett's and get Braves in return. I bet if you e-mail him, you can work something out to get rid of all those cards you don't know why you bought.

AdamE said...

Not a Gonzalez or Gru.... fan but love the old Bowman Best card. That design is screaming for a Night Owl Define the Design post, but we are not to mention new things to him...

Twitch said...

Pack Wars packs can be found for as little as $4 or $5 a pack these days. At that price, they are much better.