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Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Star Balloting under way

This MLB ad just crept into my e-mail inbox:

Is it just me or is this ad totally creepy?

Once you get over the willies from seeing a wave of tiny disembodied heads that are staring into your soul, go and vote. Or don't. I usually wait until June so I don't end up voting on players based on a ridiculously hot or cold start.

Oh, and maybe just once, you all can go and


It's not like he's the best damn catcher in Major League Baseball and singlehandedly got the National League a win last year or anything....


Sports Card Blog said...

So we are voting for whoever gets their head returned to their body so they can take part in a spectacle for all of us to enjoy? I'm in.

Captain Canuck said...

did you just say that you wait to vote so it's not for someone on a hot streak??

you actually vote for players who deserve to go to the all star game and not based on popularity?

you mean someone votes for the players who are the best at their position?


don't let Molina or Jeter fans hear about this....

Chris Harris said...

Fuck McCann. Vote CHOOCH for NL Catcher!

Nathan said...

way too early to vote...call me in two months

Don said...

I kinda like the ad. The line of floating heads make it look like a Diamondback rattlesnake. It shows that someone was thinking when they developed this ad.

I know, thinking and mlb do not always go hand in hand.

Thorzul said...

Stan Lee: "Oh, a sailboat."

Nathan said...

ok, I gave him a vote

But now you've gotta go give Russ Martin a vote in the AL