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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1967 Topps Clay Carroll

I already had this card in my team set, but hey! I might get an upgrade! The card I have has a light wax stain on the front. Let's see how my mogged card turned out.

I have two 1967 cards of Clay Carroll and wouldn't ya know it, they both have gum stains on the front. At first glance it's not a terrible looking card. Corners are soft but not mangled. No creases. Off-center but aren't we all. When you look closely at the gloss on the front, you notice a bunch of little scratches or scrapes. It looks like someone may have grated this card up against something to get that wax off. You have to really look at the card so see it and honestly the wax stains are more distracting.

The back is ok for a card from 1967. It's yellowed a bit like most of the cards from that year that I've seen. Every once in a while I see a really minty fresh card from this year with a blinding white back and my mind gets blown. You mean the backs aren't supposed to be bile green and beige???

Hand Collated kindly took a Red off my hands in exchange for this card. Mr Hand put out a good primer on this giveaway over a month before it went live and he pretty much nailed it. Some of the comments on that post are classics too. I wonder if that kid ever got his Bob Feller?


1967ers said...

You know how to get that gunk off, though, right? Take the ribbed bit of a sport sock, rub with minimal pressure (stay away from corners and edges) and it'll clean off in seconds. It's like buffing out car wax.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was quite surprised by the comments that kept showing up there. If I remember correctly, someone put their phone number in a comment to take calls on trades.

I thought it best to remove that one.