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Friday, April 8, 2011

Baseball Card Detectivery

So yesterday I posted this card of Mac:

I wondered aloud who was in the background behind Brian (probably Chipper) and Laurens actually found the actual photo used from Getty Images. According to the description, this photo was taken during the August 4, 2010 game against the Mets at Turner Field and that McCann was throwing out a runner on the play. I dug up the box score of that game and looked to see if there were any plays where Mac thre out a runner. In the 4th inning Mike Pelfrey bunted Luis Castillo over to second base and was thrown out by McCann. I don't think that starting pitcher Kris Medlen would run toward the line on a bunt in front of the plate so most likely that's Chipper back there coming up to defend the bunt. Mystery solved! 

Speaking of Medlen, according to the box score he was replaced by Mike Dunn after this batter so this means the photo on this card is the last play made before he blew out his elbow and was shut down for Tommy John surgery. Aaaaaaaand now I'm sad. Meds is progressing in in rehab though so I'll just have to wait until August or so to enjoy this card. 

(and yes detectivery is a real word)


mike said...

If you look closely at the cleats of (Chipper), they are Mizunos which is the brand Chipper wears. Not a lot of guys wear that brand, so it could back up your argument in detective work.

Mark Aubrey said...

The chest protector that McCann is wearing makes him look like an understudy for the Spiderman Broadway show.