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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Braves Team set - Uggla

Friggin' Brewers...

Here's Dan Uggla's card from the Braves team set. Not gonna lie, it's a boring photo and an obvious airbrush photochop. I can tell by the pixels. That and the odd-looking logo on the joisey. Gotta respect the two cans of Copenhagen Uggs is packing in that right cheek. I wonder when the first picture of Dan actually wearing an Atlanta jersey will show up on a card. It makes me nostalgic for the cheesy press conference photos where the player is wearing his new team's jersey over top of an Armani suit.

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Zafran ali said...

You know what's REALLY stupid? For some reason I still have WGN. So I can watch Cubs games but not Braves games. Wanna trade houses?
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