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Friday, April 15, 2011

Transmogrified into being: Team Set Finisher

Here's a nice one for Friday. No crumminess on Friday! I'll save that for next week.

1968 Topps Felipe Alou

Not much to say about the condition of this card. No wrinkles, no creases, no gum, no wax. All the corners while not razor sharp are very nice with no dings. It's slightly off center 65-35, but so is every other card from that year. No other card I received in the Transmogrifier promotion looks as good as this one and that's taking the burlap under a microscope design into account.

This is one of the cards I was specifically targeting while trading because even though this is a low series common card. Ok, minor star maybe. I have had all sorts of problems tracking it down. I couldn't find it at card shops, I couldn't find it at card shows, I couldn't find it a flea markets. I finally was able to swing a trade online for it:

Yep, I traded down from a 1961 card to get Felipe. Why? This is why:

Team. Set. Completion.

Well, technically there's a high series checklist out there with a floaty head picture of Clete Boyer that I don't have (with a variation, of course). I have reached that point in my collecting maturity that I can tell the OCD completist voice in my head to feck off, so it's all good. Team sets are for teams, checklists are for checking.


AdamE said...

Nothing like finishing off a vintage Team set...

1967ers said...

That Alou was one of my first '68 OPCs. Congrats on the set (save for the floaty head thing).