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Friday, September 30, 2011

1953 Topps Cartoon - #2 Don't give me any lip

Great googely moogley, it's the very first week of what I hoped to be a year-long series and I've already horribly screwed it up. Not only did I have to be reminded of the horrible 1950's implications of a monkey in a Dodger uniform, but I also screwed up the card front on this post. I'm not even going to bother fixing it at this point. Today's card front should be Joe Astroth, but you're getting Bill Werle whether you like it or not.

Ha! Ha! The Red Sox blew it too! With twice the payroll that the Braves blew it with! After stealing the best player from the team that beat them! HA!

Sorry Red Sox fans. I really shouldn't be this much of a jerk, but schadenfreude is the only thing keeping me from a full blown emotional collapse. That and the fact that my newly bandwagon jumped adopted Rays are KICKING ASS!

Sorry Rangers fans. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings too. Why do I have to have friends who root for every freaking team?

Here's the toon.

Who is known simply as 'The Lip'?

ɹǝɥɔoɹnp ʇsǝuɹǝ oǝן :˙suɐ

I really need to give up trying to do realistic style drawing and just do caricature. The likeness ain't half bad and that lip is hysterical. I wonder if Topps put Leo the Lip in a cartoon to stick it to Bowman, who actually did a full card of Durocher in 1953? This is Leo's only Topps appearance in '53 but he got a Topps Archives card in 1991.

I need to find a replacement cartoon for #3 now. That monkey thing is really gnawing at me.

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