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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally got rid of that damn thing

I've been holding onto this dumb Strasburg card ever since I pulled it in the hopes that some fool would throw a pile of cards at me and take it off my hands. The ultimate goal: get a three for one deal so I could use the extra die-cuts to trade off for more Braves. I got tons of two for one offers but never quite for the three-fer. But..... Stevie Wonder came back from arm surgery this week so I figured there would be some extra interest/desperation for this card. And I was right, baby! I finally got my three-fer deal and it was a good one.

J-Hey in the three-fer deal! My dreams had come true! And David Wright ain't no slouch either. My patience had paid off! The perfect deal had arrived! Joy of Joys!

You know of course that my OCD wouldn't just let me accept the deal without checking out the other 200 offers for the card right? Sure you do. This is the idiot Junkie we're talking about here. Must check ALL the trades! Wouldn't ya know it?

FOUR-FER! With Markakis and Price, even! Greed, for the lack of a better term, is good. So I left the Heyward on the table and grabbed an extra crummy die cut. While this was a good strategy for attacking the rest of the Braves in the die-cut set it does mean that I actually have to log onto the Transmogrifier more than bi-monthly now to trade all these damn things. Damn you greed, making me work for my J-Heys...

(At least I got rid of Stressbork)
((Yes I know he's going to win the Cy Young ten years in a row and be raptured straight to the Hall of Fame and then I'll be sad))
(((I don't care)))


The Lost Collector said...

Nice! I kind of missing logging on and checking trades since I had all mine shipped.

GCA said...

I have Hudson die-cut if you'd like to trade.

DK Cook said...

Good One! I'm Still Waiting (fingers crossed) on A Deal like That For An extra Aaron Hill I Have.