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Thursday, September 15, 2011

At the Grand Sticky

The theme song for tonight's sticker post is At The Grand Gala from MLP:FIM Episode 26 "The Best Night Ever":

The voice acting in this show is frigging fantastic.

Now, onto the stickers. Yes, you have to listen to the song while you read the post. Otherwise it will lose all its emotional impact.

Interesting thing about this pack. If the top row quit baseball forever to become the new team of Iron Chefs while the bottom row did the same thing to form the world's first Death Metal Barbershop Quartet Supergroup, not only would I not miss any of them at all, but I think their overall contributions to the Human Experience would increase tenfold. Just my opinion though. (Michael Young is seriously wasting his wonderful singing voice)

No doubles in this pack but three of these fellows are on a truck to Virginia.

Through 15 packs:

Total stickers - 126
Stickers I need - 104
Stickers traded away - 11
Dupes - 11

Percentage complete: 110/309 - 36%

Braves team set - 5/9

I don't get some of these foil team sticker pairings. Indians and Phillies? I guess they both have kinda sorta red team colors. I think this is also my tenth Yunel Escobar sticker. I just keep finding the damn things everywhere. Yunel is the only dupe though and my good luck avoiding the doubles is starting to scare me. My luck will even out eventually and I'll end up with 78 straight packs of complete duplicates.

Through 16 packs:

Total stickers - 132
Stickers I need - 111
Stickers traded away - 11
Dupes - 12

Percentage complete: 118/309 - 38%

Braves team set - 5/9

Oh yeah, here's a PSA for a certain Canadian reader. This is Rainbow DASH.

DASH. Not Rainbow Brite. Or Bright. I was going to post a Rainbow Brite for comparison, but I did an image search for Rainbow Brite with safesearch off and saw things that will never ever be unseen. Goddamnit, internet.

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Captain Canuck said...

Dash. Got it.

Now to remember that, I'll have to forget something useful.

and as tempting it is to google what exactly rainbow brite is... I'll pass. Thanks for the warning.