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Monday, September 5, 2011

Obak against the wall

You all know that I'm an unabashed Obak lover and not just because I got a Motherf@%$ing hot box last year. I really like the obscure subject matter and the low-budget cheepniss of it all. Even though I've been in somewhat of a card-funk delirium lately I still vaguely knew that Obak was going to be roaming free in the wild at some point after The National, and this weekend I finally saw some at my local Target.

Sadly there is no Jason Heyward in this year's Checklist, unless you count a cut auto (which I don't). It appears to have an interesting subject list once again, although the mini card set is positively anemic this year at 24 cards per set. I was surprised to see two pristine boxes of Obak sitting in the card aisle, and at first thought the second box might some unsold packs of the 2010 version. Imagine my surprise...

Football? In MY Obak? Oh GAWD. Just what I needed when I'm trying to kick the habit for good. ANOTHER set of Obak. For a sport I don't even really collect anymore. Brilliant.

At first I was

But then I was

And before I knew it two packs came home with me. Both are ripped and scanned, depending on the amount of beer/interwebs/ponies I partake in this evening will determine when they get posted. Hey, it's Labor Day. I can goof off on Labor Day. (especially after working all day)



I posted some Obak a couple weeks ago. I really like it too, but I didn't try the football.

Hackenbush said...

Cool! Can't wait to see what you got.