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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Fifth pack of Sticky in the hizzy. Michael Bourn is in the wrong uniform but Shiny Hankerooni makes up for it.

Now that I've piled up 5 packs of stickers, plus the unscanned strip of stickers attached to the album I can finally start doing a running tally. The plan is to finish the set. How long it will take, nobody knows. Every pack of stickies I purchase, beg, borrow, steal, materialize out of thin air using newly acquired telekinesis skills or otherwise get my grubby hands on will be posted on the blog, along with an accounting of how much closer it gets me to filling that album.

One other thing, below you will see "Stickers traded away" as a line item. A certain collector requested assistance with the completion of his album and I am happily obliging. I am not actually sticking anything into the binder until a later date once certain conditions have been met. As a result, all the stickers are currently loose and if you are missing a few I might be able to help you out. No sending me stickers though. Unless you want to ruin my grand experiment in sticker pack posting. Ya ruiner.

Here's the initial results:

Through 5 packs:

Total stickers - 46
Stickers I need - 39
Stickers traded away - 4
Dupes - 3

Percentage complete: 40/309 - 13%

Three dupes in the first five packs seems excessive, but I purchase three packs from a different box than the rest which is probably partially responsible for this.

Oh yeah,

You didn't think you were getting out of this without ponies acting inappropriately, did you?

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Spankee said...

I bought 5 packs from the same box and got 2 shiny Musials. That's cool and not cool at the same time.