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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Braves are L O S T

I'm not talking about their play lately although they are pretty much lost in the wilderness right now. I"m talking about a different kind of Lost.

I only have bare bones cable with local channels, which means in a town where TBS used to air Braves games to every part of the globe I can now only see about 30 to 40 Braves games on TV because the broadcast rights are all on cable channels like SportsSouth. So most of my Braves watching is in highlight clips after the game is over. While the game is actually going on, I turn to Skip and Pete Jim and Don on the radio and follow along on the MLB GameCast. You may have seen it before...

Thorzul sent me this screenshot last night along with a query. The question was similar to one that my son had asked me a few weeks ago: "Dad, what is that thing up in the right corner?" GameCast gets their stadium backgrounds from some video game I can't be bothered to Google right now. Since it's a video game, stadium advertisements are likely verboten, meaning the Budweiser Zone for college aged Braves fans looking to hook up has been turned into Buddy M's sports bar. The big yellow and blue thing in the right corner is also an advertisement at the actual Turner Field. It's a gigantic Gas South logo that shoots fireworks whenever the Braves' pitchers get a strikeout. You can kinda sorta see it here in this pic I swiped form a Nats website:

If a Braves fan has a better picture of it, let me know and I'll update the post. So I assumed the logo used in the GameCast background was just something generic thrown in as a filler. Then Thorzul sent me his question:

I currently have an eye on the Braves/Marlins game on MLB Gamecast, and something caught my attention in right field.  Is that a Dharma Initiative sign (from LOST)?  Am I missing something here?  You probably know all about this, could you fill me in?  Is Jason Heyward currently in control of The Swan?


It's the friggin Dharma Initiative logo...

No wonder the Braves suck right now, they're under attack from smoke monsters. Does that make Fredi Gonzalez Locke? Is Chipper Sawyer? Pretty sure Brian McCann is Hurley. Dammit, I should have caught this before now, instead it was pointed out by a Brewers fan who will soon cheer the Braves first round exit from the playoffs by the hands of the Brew Crew. (if we're lucky, the way we're playing)  I've seriously seen this thing a hundred times this season and never made the connection. Today I am a geek failure.

Maybe I should watch some TV other than ponies for a change?

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