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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Great and Powerful Sticksie

I think my poll over at the side is null and void because I inadvertently omitted The Great and Powerful Trixie. I'll make up for my error by putting Trixie at the top of this sticker post and not posting until tomorrow night so all of you with images enabled on your blogrolls get to have Trixie eyeballing at you all day.

Two more packs of sticksies... incoming!

Kinda butchered the scan, but it's still a decent pack. No doubles is good doubles.

Through 13 packs:

Total stickers - 110
Stickers I need - 91
Stickers traded away - 8
Dupes - 11

Percentage complete: 97/309 - 31%

Braves team set - 5/9

Awww yeah... Shiny Sticky Jackie. And another one with no dupes. This pack is a win. I better enjoy it now because soon the packs where I need all 8 stickers will give way to 8 dupes in a pack.

Through 14 packs:

Total stickers - 118
Stickers I need - 99
Stickers traded away - 8
Dupes - 11

Percentage complete: 105/309 - 34%

Braves team set - 5/9


dayf said...

Nooooooo blogrolls won't use gifs as the preview image!!!

The Angels In Order said...

Ooh, you got the Angels logo. Ten packs so far for me netting 3 Angels, and NO logo.