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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Irony Does Not Escape Me

So at the same time I've fallen head over heels over a cartoon about lovable little girly ponies, my favorite team in the world is staring playoff elimination square in the face from a team called the Phillies. Methinks the Baseball Gods are messing with me.

The next three games look awful. Tonight we have a rookie going against a Cy Young lefty. Tomorrow Derek Lowe gets to stink it up one last time in a Braves uniform and Wednesday Tim Hudson either gets a desperation start that wastes him for game one of the NLDS or gets to take the mound for his last outing of the year. And did I mention that the Philadelphia Phillies love nothing more than to stomp upon the Braves' bloody faces with their iron hooves? Meanwhile The Cardinals get to face the 100-loss Astros.

Not gonna lie, it looks bad. The offense looks like they're swinging butterfly nets out there. Two of our best pitchers are hurt bad. The bullpen ran out of gas in August and are coasting on fumes. And the goddamn Phillies are in town. Ugh.

That being said, unless there was a giant cock-up with the tickets I am at the game right now. I am enjoying it greatly. I actually sprung for decent seats this time. A friend of mine has tickets too and should be there too. I might even throw caution to the wind and have a beer. In the early innings of course, to give my liver time to do its job by the end of the game (gotta stay safe out there kids). Autumn is here, bad football is in the air and you gotta enjoy baseball while it's still around. And enjoy I shall.

And who knows? It ain't over...


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