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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Show's over, time for stickers

Don't forget about the Beachy and Kimbrel signing at Freedom Cardboard going on right now...

Man, I want to go watch some Star Trek Next Gen. John de Lancie is a boss. Here's the last two packs of the first batch of stickers.

Don't let the pony header spook you, just having a little fun since Season 2 started today. You'll get Old Planter and Torii Hunter back in due time. I might keep Derpy though. Another decent pack here with no dupes. The Cardinals and Tigers are strong with this pack. Wait, when did Alex Avila become a Tiger? Oh wait, he's always been a Tiger. I'm mixing him up with Mike Aviles. Wait, when did Mike Aviles become a Red Sock? Miguel Olivo is still a Mariner, right? At least for the next two weeks?

Through 19 packs:

Total stickers - 156
Stickers I need - 131
Stickers traded away - 15
Dupes - 12

Percentage complete: 139/309 - 45%

Braves team set - 5/9

Another superlative pack! Kershaw's got a mighty nice photo for a sticker. Tulo and Hambone are good pickups, as are Posada and Beltre. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Furcal is a Cardinal. Just can't see him in red. The one duplicate from the pack? A shiny Hank Aaron. Can't beat that with a dead cat.

Through 20 packs:

Total stickers - 164
Stickers I need - 138
Stickers traded away - 15
Dupes - 13

Percentage complete: 146/309 - 47%

Braves team set - 5/9

After 20 packs I'm almost at 50% completion for the set! I'd be over had I not shipped some stickers off. One of these days I'll start getting the double packs...

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