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Friday, September 16, 2011

Sticky Ros

Tonight's Sticker Theme Music: Pony Sigur Ros.

The actual song is on my other blog if this version is abhorrent to you. I completely understand. Me from six months ago thinks I'm completely insane too. Even me from three months ago is looking at me kinda funny. Me from three weeks ago is looking away in denial. Me from three minutes ago is correcting typos because I can't type when I've been drinking. And oh yes, I have been drinking.

(drinking pony is the best pony)

Why did Curtis Granderson have to become the best player in the league once he went to the Damn Yankees?? I feel I have a moral obligation to hate him, but I just can't. Why couldn't the Tigers have traded Miguel Cabrera instead? Him I could hate. This was a rather good pack if I say so myself. No dupes and three got traded away. Got a future HOFer in Pudge, a Brave for about a week and a half in Helms and Andrew McCutchen. I will be so glad when McLouth is gone next year so I don't have to listen to posters on the AJC Braves blog demand we trade Nate back to the Pirates for McCutchen anymore. I may be overestimating certain members of that crowd though.

Through 17 packs:

Total stickers - 140
Stickers I need - 116
Stickers traded away - 14
Dupes - 12

Percentage complete: 123/309 - 40%

Braves team set - 5/9

Can't complain about no dupes. Boy howdy, once I start pulling dupes you bet I'm gonna complain like HELL. Not crazy about the player selection. Three superstars I dislike and a handful of younger former 'future stars'. Actually, I'm pretty sure Loney and Soto's prospect expiration dates are long expired. I'm serious though, if anyone needs stickers, just ask. You never know the ponies might just be a clever ruse to weed out readers who are not totally devoted to the Stickies.

Through 18 packs:

Total stickers - 148
Stickers I need - 124
Stickers traded away - 14
Dupes - 12

Percentage complete: 131/309 - 42%

Braves team set - 5/9

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