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Friday, March 21, 2008

NL East Blogs

There's a few of us Braves fans holding down the Atlanta card blogging world, but we're getting some new rivals in the internet NL East.

Out of the Mill has nothing to do with the NL East as it's written by an Indians fan, but the Braves are playing the Tribe right now in Orlando so for today they are bitter rivals. Rich is probably pleased as the Braves blew a three run lead on CC Sabathia when Ryan Drese wrote his ticket to Richmond and melted down in the 4th. OOTM has some very good writing and videos too, so give 'm a look.

Cliff at Capewood's Collections is representing the City of Brotherly Love with cards, music and random musings. Cliff even gives the Braves some love, see what a cool guy he is? Makes me want to check out a game at the Vet whatever it is now while wearing my '95 Championship shirt.

Stats on the Back is my favorite blog for tormenting the lousy stinking Mets fans, but there's a new Mets fan in town! New York Mets Cards is the new kid in town and so far they have a distinct Vintage flavor. Mmmmmm, taste that well aged cardboard! There's been no Braves sniping yet, but he put a nice dig on Cincinnati Reds Cards recently.

The Marlins are well represented by Mario and Tatiana whom I steal from link to quite often, but where are the Nats fans? No love for the Senators? Even with a new ballpark in town? Someone needs to step up to the plate, I need a target to mock when we beat up on ya Sunday Night on Opening Day.

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