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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Box Break Edition

I'm deviating from the stickers that Fleerfan sent me to provide you with an extra special Sticky Saturday. A few weeks back, Fleerfan mentioned that the only sticker he needs from the '86 mini set was the Texas Rangers. Well I knew where I could pick up a set of '86 Fleer minis and I'm going to bust it today to quench your sticker needs and hopefully find that Rangers card he needs. Obviously since this is a factory set, we won't be looking at the cards (although I may revisit them in the future) but instead, I'll be pulling the stickers. On to the box rip!

Ok I lied, Carlton was the first card I saw in the set so he gets posted because I'm a big fan of Lefty. Now on to the stickers.

Braves! Yes! First sticker even! It doesn't look like the one from the last post though, this has stripes instead of stars. Oh well, onward!

Yankees, slightly miscut causing a weird step design on the left side. Why didn't Fleer just have uniform stripes throughout the sheet? Another mid 80's trading card mystery...

Blue Jays
Angels - No, I'm not posting every single sticker. I'll leave that up to Fleerfan.

Royals - Note how the horizontally oriented Giants logo barely covers two stripes while the vertical Royals logo barely fits on the sticker.

Red Sox

Rangers! We got the Rangers card Fleerfan needed! Unless he needs the one with stars and not wth stripes! We'll soon find out won't we! Why am I yelling about old stickers!

Pirates - Three awesome 80's logos that are FAR superior to the crappy boring logos of today.

Braves - Yes! Two braves in the same box, awesome! Now I can stick one to my forehead before church tomorrow.

Well, I got the Rangers card and TWO Braves, but time will tell if it was the right Rangers card.


Fleerfan said...

Awesome post. A sticker break is great! Thanks for seeing if you could find the Rangers sticker I'm looking for.

After looking at the stickers though, I have to say that I think one of us got a mini set that have been previously opened.

The reason I say that is I bought a group of 3 mini sets trying to put together the sticker set, and the stickers in all three boxes had the star background, not the stripes. That is how I ended up with the extra Braves sticker that now has a home with lots of other great Braves goodies!

I'm curious - was your box still shrinkwrapped, and did it have the full 18 stickers as advertised on the box? I think in reading through your post I counted 17 stickers.

I honestly can't remember if the sets I bought were still shrink wrapped or not, but I did get 18 stickers per box.

My understanding is that the 1987 mini set came with the stickers you got today.

If yours wasn't shrinkwrapped, I'm wondering if someone had opened the set at one time, and then in deciding to sell it put the cards back in the box and took the small stickers they had from another set to make sure they had stickers to go with the cards. Or that is what could have happened to the sets I bought.

While I only need the Rangers sticker for the star background, I still need a number of the striped background stickers you got today. I haven't picked up any 1987 mini sets yet, so I've just got a few that I've picked up in some trades.

I guess its time for me to find a shirkwrapped 1987 mini set to solve this mystery!

dayf said...

Actually I did pick up an '87 set, it was shrinkwrapped while this one was not. I'll check it out and let you know what I find.