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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trade with Shane

This was a trade I made with Shane Diaz of Shoebox Legends. We sort of wandered into this trade. He mentioned he had some stuff for me and I mentioned I had some stuff off his want list and it just sort of fell together. His package came in a box bog willed with some extra swag. Here's the cards:

2007 Bowman Heritage Chipper Jones foil parallel

Awww yeah. Shiny glowy Chipper parallel thick enough to choke a mule. This goes straight in the Chipper box, or would if it would fit. I need to get a bigger box.

Three 2004 Bowman Heritage Black & White parallels

More Bowman Heritage thick parallels. This was a clever idea to make the thick relic decoy parallel cardfs black & white TVs instead of color. Russ Ortiz and Horacio Ramirez have had a very rough time of it since they left the Braves, but draft pick Eric Campbell is still slowly progressing through the farm system.

2008 A Piece of History Chipper Jones Stadium Scenes #576/699

This card triggered the trade when I drooled over it on A Pack A Day. While I love the Chipper, Upper Deck really short changed us on the stadium scene. That is Turner Field barely visible in the background there, if you squint you can the the Budwiser plaza right next to Chipper's noggin.

2006 Fleer Ultra Chipper Jones Feel The Game jersey

This was an unexpected surprise, one of the many Chipper jersey cards that I didn't have. It's absolutely insane the amount of jersey cards of Chipper there are out there. Now here's one more I can check off my list... check. Pretty nice looking card too.

Shane also sent a handful of packs:

2 1989 Topps All-Stars Double Headers

2 1990 Topps Heads Up! Baseball Stars

3 1986 Topps Major League Leaders

3 2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics

Keep a lookout for an '86 Leader and ann '05 UP All Star Classics rip on A Pack A Day soon. I'll try to post the rest of the pack rips here once I get some extra time as well.

In return Shane got a pile of cards off his want list, a numbered insert of a seecrit Red Sox player and a few old hockey packs for him to rip. Not a bad little trade.

Of course now this means I have to start writing the post for Patricia and Lucy's surprise package. You don't know how intimidating this is. You'll see what I mean once I have it written. It might end up as the longest single post of all time.


sam r said...

Hey dayf can u give me shane from Shoebox Legends email, I cant find it anywhere. And I wannna trade with him

dayf said...

It's on Shane's Want List page if you're interested.


shoeboxlegends said...

Sweet, glad you liked the package Dave. I wasn't sure if you had the Chipper jersey card but I didn't want to ask you ahead of time and ruin the surprise.