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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been really lax about posting my maildays, which is mostly my fault. Mea Culpa. I've gotten into the habit of trying to write novel length posts about all of them and I end up running out of time and getting behind. Then the procrastinator's instinct kicks in, which means I play a game or surf to avoid the problem and nothing gets done. New policy here: I'm posting every trade within 24 hours of pulling the package out of the mail, no exceptions. If I post only one card, so be it. This policy begins today with a package from a fellow blogger. Post is scheduled for a couple of hours from now, so you'll find out who. In the meantime, here's a list of stuff I've picked up in the last month or so. One card per trade, but I'll be going back later on and posting other stuff from them too. I just need to clear everything out and start anew.

Thanks to everyone who I've traded with by the way, the cards are appreciated and I hope you enjoyed your cards as much as I enjoyed mine.

Adam E. - 1949 Johnny Sain, McCann jersey, 63 Braves cards, Carlton Goudey SP and 2 Matt Holliday UDX cards to carefully examine.

Eric S. - Abso-freakin-lutley massive amount of Braves cards.

Dave T. (Fielder's Choice) - 18 Goudeys for the set (including all I needed for the short set), 6 Berk-Ross inserts, THE LAST A&G EMPEROR I NEEDED!, 22 shiny Braves cards.

Travis P. (AKA punkrockpaint)- 42 Braves cards (nice number!), Marcus Giles Jersey, 14 08 A&G cards, 4 A&G minis, 08 Heritage Braves Team card and a Showdown Chipper card I've been looking for since 2000.

Daniel K. - Daniel actually sent two packages. The first: 3 2007 Topps, 5 08 A&G, 18 08 Heritage, 2 Finest autographs and 15 eclectic Braves.

Second package - Murph power blue swatch, 3 more Finest autos, a Klesko oddball auto and 17 more Braves.

Captain Canuck - 17 A&G cards, 18 Braves cards, 10 Hawks, 14 Atlanta Flames cards, one Theo Fleury, one lonely Falcon, a random Pops card, a really random Nolan Ryan oddball, two EXCEEDINGLY random Charlie's Angels cards, A pack of 1991 Post and four packs of Hoops.

Oh I almost forgot... THIS:

Can anyone out there guess who that hairy hero is?

Jason C. - Jason provided the 1998 Zenith packs that I got to rip back here. There are three more waiting to be ripped on a rainy day...

Albuqwirke - An absolutely bizarre card of John Cena, 5 Braves cards, 4 Braves from the '70s, 7 Heritage cards and completely unexpected 2005 Braves Media Guide.

Steve K - Huge lot from Steve. Heritage: 50 from 2006, 17 from 2007, 49 from 2008. Goudey: 3 from 2007, 18 from 2008 (with 2 Berk Ross inserts). A&G 17 from 2006, 60 from 2008 and 4 minis. Also included were 30 Braves.

I've also received many, many packages from fellow bloggers over the past year.

Thanks again to all, with any luck I'll have my act together going forward. I've got several packages going out today as well so if you're expecting something from me, you should see it soon.


Dinged Corners said...

You did get the Smoltz swatch and the previous Twin Peaks card, right? I'm really beginning to wonder.

dayf said...

Yes, I got both of them, did you not get my e-mails?

Anonymous said...

Any time we've written you an email in the recent past, we've not gotten a reply. We thought you were being laconic.

Captain Canuck said...

Hope you like them bud... I think i got you an entire Flames team set from that year.... but I might've missed one. If so let me know... I'll have it around here somewhere...

MMayes said...

That mullet....was that Dwayne Schintzius?

dayf said...

You are correct, sir!

Chemgod said...

Schintzus had the best where the hell am I look on his face all the time!