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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does anyone want a '80-'81 Topps mini card?

If you do, follow these instructions:

1) go to my profile and get my e-mail address.
2) send me an e-mail with the subject I WANT A MINI stating which card(s) you want.
3) be one of the first 11 people to do so.
4) await further instructions from the '80-'81 Rip Master.

Depending on how many people want one (if any) I may have to do a contest to decide who gets Larry.

Here's the list to choose from:

31 Larry Bird rebounding leaders - Celtics
39 Cedric Maxwell - Celtics
43 Reggie Theus assist leaders - Bulls
78 John Roche - Nuggets
86 Phil Hubbard - Pistons
98 Sonny Parker - Warriors
146 Junior Bridgeman - Bucks
195 Tom Owens scoring leaders - Blazers
198 Ron Brewer - Blazers
230 John Johnson - Sonics
252 John Williamson - Bullets

UPDATE: Only four have been claimed so far, there's still 7 left for enterprising mini card lovers.


gcrl said...

who wears short shorts?
nba players from the early 80s wear short shorts.
i had forgotten.

Captain Canuck said...

and nba players now wear full length bloomers. Almost like "Hammer" pants.
there has to be a happy medium...