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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 Topps Updates and Highlights is Live

The casebreakers are selling hits and parallels on eBay right now at least. It's impossible to presell black parallels before you actually get the product so someone, somewhere is opening cases. My guess is the UPS trucks will be delivering to the shops tomorrow. Maybe a week or two before they hit the big box stores.

It's a damn shame I just don't care about this product.

I want to... but I just don't.

Oh well.


The shenanigans - one way or another - have begun.

The same seller has the only examples of these two extremely hackneyed "error" cards, so the jury's still out right now on how legit these are or not. Thorzul's "Inverted Jenny" tribute on A Pack A Day seems prescient now...

(Hat tip to Holy Hitter who pointed this out in the comments at Stale Gum)

Quick observation - Note how the foil on the error card looks different from the foil on the normal card on both scans. Something smells fishy here. Nope, can't truss it.


Wax Heaven said...

No Andrew Miller.....yet!

Paul Hadsall said...

I'm actually looking forward to seeing these. I don't really buy much wax anymore, but I'll probably pick up at least a few packs or a maybe a blaster... even though I know it would be cheaper in the long run to just buy the handful of cards I really want.

I'm sure most people will be disappointed when the pull them, but I'm happy Topps included Fernando Tatis, Chris Aguila, Robinson Cancel, Tony Armas Jr. and Trot Nixon.

Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans would have been nice too, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll wait for the retail factory set. I just don't see much of a point of paying $85-100 to get an HTA box of base Topps any more when I could use that money to get a more interesting product, since the whole point of base Topps is, or at least should be, the base cards.

madding said...

Terrible. Maybe I should just spend the extra money on a Cardinals team set and forget the rest. I also noticed they have an autograph of obscure rookie reliever Mark Worrell, but no base card. Is this a normal sort of thing? Maybe they have extra stickers laying around leftover from some Bowman prospects thing.

Kevin said...

Ugh. I'm eventually going to get a factory set, just because I completed series 1 before I got disgusted and gave up on buying packs of Topps.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap.