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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Heartbreaking trade

Here's the second of four packages that came my way on Monday. This one's from Matt, the proprietor of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. I sent him some Royals, some stuff off his want list and that Bo Jackson Mint 10 thing I pulled out of that Fairfield box, he sent me a few things off my own list, some Bravos and an underwear soiler. You'll see what I mean. Since I buggered up already by posting this too soon, I'll just cut to the chase:

2 2008 Allen & Ginter SPs

Hochevar and Placido Polanco. As you can see it pained him greatly to send ol' Luke here being a rabid Royals fan and such. There's a strange story behind that too, I had initially pulled no less than THREE Hochevar cards out of A&G packs. So why is it on my want list? I've been sending off packages filling out want lists for a couple of months now (something I'll be working on again as soon as I'm done with this post) and I came across someone's list where the Hochevar card was one of the last ones they needed. I thought, "no problem, I got Lukes out my wazoo" before realizing I had already traded the other two. I can't just leave someone hanging with one card laft on their want list so I pulled it out of my binder thinking I had done a good deed. Turns out I wrenched this one out of the hands of a true fan. And now I have one card left for the set.

2 2007 Topps Heritage

This here insert and Brandon Inge to be specific. I'm slooooooooowly chipping away at this set.

9 2008 Topps Heritage

Do you really want to know which ones? Really? Well ok then... Girardi Reynolds Hardy Hawpe Morris Gonzalez Molina Halladay Hoffman.

4 A&G Minis

Canya believe I got two Bulgarias on the same day? If anyone needs it, just let me know... Now Chipper I'll take two of any day.

Some Braves Just For Fun

These are certainly some fun Braves all right! Here's a detailed list of the fun:

2007 Chrome Andruw Jones Gold Glove Xfractor
2008 Chrome Brian McCann Xfractor
2008 Chrome Gregor Blanco RC Xfractor
2008 Moments & Milestones Gary Sheffield #25/25
2008 Moments & Milestones John Smoltz #15/25
2008 Opening Day Clint Sammons #0581/2199
2008 Bowman Jonathan Venters Orange #163/250

Topps changed their Xfractor formula this year did you know that? The fracts are larger and have diagonal lines going through them. Bowman Orange cards just look awesome to me for some reason. I mean, they're hideous, but an awesome hideous. Numbered cards are numbered cards. For what it's worth, I find Moments & Milestones cards numbered to 25 to be infinitely easier to find than Opening Bay cards numbered to 2199. And boy are those Opening Day white bordered card hideous. Non-awesome of course. I'm feeling mighty good about Sammons being McCann's backup next year though so I'll deal with the fugly.

There was one more card in the package, one in a magloader. This was my reaction in real time.

What what WHAAAAAAT?



2008 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward AU #306/500


Yes, I scream like a little girl whenever I get a Jason Heyward card. Yes, shorts were sharted. Pyewped, even. Matt must read the blog to know that I've been lusting in my heart for a Heyward Auto. So to Matt I say


and at least one third of the Royals cards I find will be coming your way from now on. What can I say, I know a lot of Royals fans.


--David said...

Hmmm, not sure if you REALLY meant for this to be a 'whoops' or not... But, if you didn't, you can go back and edit the post, then just save as draft (save it, then just return to list of posts without publishing) and it will be pulled from your blog until you publish again. :-)

Captain Canuck said...

dayf likes tension builders...

dayf said...

I'm too lazy to fix. Plus it irritates the crap out of me when I see someone else's post in my RSS feed and when I click on it it's gone. So my mistake is your gain and no one gets annoyed.

Anonymous said...

We have a duplicate of the Hochevar SP and will send it to you -- that is what you're saying, yes? We can't follow anything tonight, maybe we are tired from watching the election results.

dayf said...

No, no, no... I had three Hochevars, traded all of them, then got another one from a Royals fan. I need no more Hochevars, but thanks for the offer. Actually, you can send that to Heartbreaking if you want to get rid of the gnomish fellow.

And don't worry, I'm wiped out by the election too. I had to resort to a Red Bull today to stay awake and I don't use that stuff lightly.

Captain Canuck said...

ooooh. I am SO jealous;>

nice haul....

sam r said...

which allen & ginter do you need to finish it off?