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Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching up on trades - Stale Gum

A little while back, Chris Harris of Stale Gum bought twenty packs of junk wax for a buck a pop. Included int he packs were two packs of 2000 Topps Tek. Tek is one of the more obnoxious sets in baseball card history, but I find its plastic holo shinyness irresistible. So I made him an offer: Whatever is in those two packs of Tek in exchange for 40 cards off his wantlists. Chris took me up on the offer and sent the Tek:

Among the many gimmicks in Tek is the background patterns. This one here has Corey Patterson's hometown of Kennesaw featured. Pretty cool, since I live right down the road from Kennesaw. Also included were a pile of random Braves (with two Upper Deck Powerdeck CDs which is a post in and of itself) including a 1/1 autographed* card of Denny Neagle!

Man, these sticker autos are getting crummier every day. This one's got flaps hanging off the sides! It's the autograph version of a maxipad with wings.

As an aside, I mentioned that if he had any T-51 Murad lying around he didn't want I'd be interested in trading for it. So, along with the Tek and the Braves, he sent some T-51.


Holy bleeping bleepity bleep.

This is why Chris Harris is The Man. And Topps is The Company for sending him the box in the first place. That's one way of building a starter set. Time for me to go look through some more wantlists.

* autographed by Chris Harris, that is. I think this is my third 1/1 auto from Chris. Another 217,000 trades and we'll start to approach Moments & Milestones numbers of 1/1 cards.


Dinged Corners said...

The Hamiltonian likes Topps Tek, and so do we. Thus, if it weren't for you, I'd say it's a girly card design, because it sure is rare to hear any Teklove whatsoever.

dayf said...

I think it really is a girly card design, because I had a card shop owner come out and tell me that only girls were buying it back in 2000. I still like it though so I guess I'm a girly-man!

Anonymous said...

I, too, think Topps Tek is sweet. I suppose that I, too, am a girly man.

It's only Tuesday but I'm already pumped about my weekly trip to the card shop! They've gotta have some Tek laying around somewhere...