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Monday, December 20, 2010

These cards don't belong in a quarter box

That's where I found them though. It's a travesty that such brilliant cards as these languish in a quarter box while glossy stickered autographs of limp-armed pitchers that have never advanced past Double-A get to live in the case. I rescued these beauts recently and now shall show them off.

1972 Topps Harmon Killebrew

 It astounds me how little respect Killer gets in hobby circles. He's the '60s version of Jim Thome. This card here is an absolute classic and is one that made me really fall in love with the 1972 Topps set. Of course, I have several of this card already, so the first person to comment here and e-mail me your address will get this sent to them in a plain white envelope. Gotta be quick now...

1976 Topps Willie Stargell

You ain't getting this one though. No one touches my Willie. I need to check the binder to see if I need this one or not. When you find cards this fabulous in a quarter box, you gotta go for it, doubles be damned.

1978 Topps Nolan Ryan Highlights

I swear I've got this card already. Or at least 12 of the reprints. Topps trained me to believe that all Nolan cards are made of pure platinum fibers that can one day be formed into an artificial heart that will pump life-giving blood through my veins for eternity, making me immortal through the Power of Nolan. Pretty sure this is actually reject cardboard from the cereal box factory, but I can't shake the early-'90s propaganda so I got it. I might give this one away too in a separate post once I can confirm that I have it already.

1975 Topps No Hitter Highlights

Honestly, I can kinda see why this one was in the quarter box. But it's Nolan, and the platinum fibers and all, and my cholesterol ain't all that good, so... you know.  Here's the most ridiculous find in the quarter box:

1951 Topps Red Back Dale Mitchell and Gus Zernial

1951 Topps in the quarter box? Preposterous, you say? Actually, since that large cache of unopened '51 Red back wax was found back in the '70s, no one wants crummy looking Red Backs since so many pristine ones are out on the market.




I mean, come on... now when I play a game with my redbacks, I instantly know where the 'fly out' card is! Let's see you PSA8 people do THAT!


Dennis said...

That's a great Killer! I'll take it if nobody else has stepped up--I could use some more vintage stars for sure. I'll email you my address if you don't have it anymore. Maybe I'll even send you something Atlanta-like for it...

dayf said...

CalJr gets the Killer as long as I get an address... get it in quick and it will be in today's mail.

Funner Here said...

Where do they have quarter boxes with these in them? I might have to take a flight!

Eggrocket said...

Great finds!
I love cards with a story. Every crease or dinged corner (or TORN OFF corner) on those cards is a bit of documentation about that individual card that will outlive the collector.
I don't mind using a top-loader from time to time, but I'll never buy a graded card.

bailorg said...

$1.50 for all that? I suddenly feel like I've wasted a ton of money on this hobby.

Matt Runyon said...

Quite the double entendre in the Stargell paragraph.

How can 1950s cards in ANY condition be in a quarter box? That's a travesty.

Captain Canuck said...

what's a travesty is that I've been in this hobby for decades and never even seen a quarter box. Let alone '51 Red Backs.

I get all jiggily excited at shows that have a dollar box.

everything is relative I suppose.

Duane said...

Awesome finds!!! oh and Don't touch my Willie!!!


Scott Crawford said...

Quality work, dayf!

I wish more of my locals had straight-up quarter boxes, but, well, I live in NJ and everyone thinks they own gold here. Found some nice cheapie boxes in PA in October, though.

Anonymous said...

I finally found a local shop with a decent dime and quarter box...but not that good! The best I've found so far was a '75 Catfish Hunter for a dime.

Chris Stufflestreet said...

Every one of those was a great card. They would have been a steal at twice the price...