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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Card show tiem

Freedom Cardboard Card Show in the ATL.Getting off to a later start than I had hoped but I've got my game plan in order at least. If you're going, look for the fat slovenly middle aged guy wearing jeans and a polo holding 48 want lists who is sweating as he picks frantically through piles of cards. That's about half the attendees right there. I'll be the one wearing an Upper Deck hat. Because now that Upper Deck is underground, they're cool.

Here's my game plan for today:

1) Get a vintage Brave off my wantlist.
2) Get one 1953 Topps card off my list.
3) my reconnaissance team has informed me that there are dime boxes. Attack with extreme prejudice.
4) If I see a J-Hey that I don't have and the price isn't jacked up, buy it.
5) Make faces at PETA if they show up to protest Michael Vick.
6) Wander aimlessly in a Zen-like state until a card or piece of memorabilia trips me up and forces me to buy it.
7) One oddball non-sports card. Just one.
8) Use the wantlists I spent an hour and a half writing up this morning.

That's a good plan, no? I'll forget it the second I leave the house.

Update this evening, maybe even a video.


night owl said...

Great plan. I'll be watching for what you found, but of course not until about 3:30 a.m.

Axemanohio said...

Hey,I pulled the Tommy Hanson patch card, are you interested? I'm a Indians collector and I'm ready to be taken advantage of.