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Friday, December 9, 2011

Who wants to trade Junk for Junk?

Anyone got a pile of these cluttering up the joint?

Stupid security tags out of retail packs. These things accumulate like crazy, don't they? Well, they do when you are a packrat like myself. Even worse are the thick ones they use as relic card decoys that just make the dumber variety of pack searchers bend up the pack that much more. They are all kinda useless too, unless you use them as dividers or packing material for trades.

Or for sketch cards....

If you are one of the weird people like me who just can't throw away trash just because it is shaped like a baseball card and want to get rid of all these things, send 'em my way. They are great for quick & dirty sketches when I don't have time to do something nice and complicated. You may even get one of 'em back as well, slightly altered.

Let's Make a Deal!

A package of 20 artist sketch cards costs me about $2.50. A small bubble mailer with postage packed with cards costs me about $2.50. Here's my offer:
You send me around 20 or so of these blank filler cards and I'll send you a small bubble mailer full of cards.

You send me around 50 or so of these blank filler cards and I'll send you a Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box full of cards.

You send me, like, 100 of these blank filler cards (how many friggin retail packs do you buy, anyway??) and I'll send you a Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box full of cards.

If you only have a handful, you can drop them in a Plain White Envelope and I'll send you a PWE back with a couple of surprises.


To get in on this action, comment here, then e-mail me (dayf13 at gmail) about how many cards you will be sending.

I'm cutting this off at the first 10 responders even if everyone only pledges one card. I am not going to allow myself to get overwhelmed by trades for trash. Once I've completed those trades and I have a need for more cards I'll reopen the offer.

If you live in Canada or England or Australia or Bangladesh or the planet Skyron or anywhere I need a customs form, I'll need to check on shipping prices and adjust the amount of cards you get accordingly. I'm not paying out the nose for shipping for trash.

The stuff I will be sending you will be junk I want out of my house. There might be stuff from your wantlists in there, there might be a box full of 1987 Topps commons. Depends on how I feel. I will NOT be spending more than about 20 minutes putting together a package in trade for trash.

If you send a bunch of Braves or stuff from my wantlists along with the blanks, I will not take this into consideration and send you better stuff. You'll get the same junk as everyone else and like it. If you get really fancy and send me Heywards or Vintage or something I might get offended by your attempted bribe and send all Pro Set Football or Hoops Basketball. Which is actually worse than trash because it doesn't hurt to throw away trash.

Better yet, just don't send other stuff unless absolutely necessary. I don't care if you're one of the dozen or so collectors who randomly sends me stuff every few months and just decided to throw in my usual pile along with the blanks, I will Pro Set with extreme prejudice.  Half the reason for this exercise is to help me get rid of a lot of junk. If the need is dire and your wife threatens to go all Lysistrata on you until you get that damn pile of cards off the desk then go ahead and release the Kraken. Just warn me and don't expect any favors.

You may request teams/sets/players/send wantlists if you wish. I would actually prefer it as it would make my job easier. Just remember that you are at my complete whim as to what you will get in return. If I am having a good day where the Braves trade for a power hitting left fielder and I get to have nookie with the wife and there's a new episode of My Little Pony on, you might get some really good stuff. If I am having a bad day where the kids are screaming and my knee is sore as hell for no goddamn reason and my MP3 player runs out of juice and I have to listen to shitty Atlanta radio on my commute, you could get utter garbage. In a trade for trash. You are all completely at my mercy.

Everyone who sends even one blank card will get one non-blank card back. If you catch my drift.

All righty then, that's about it. Get a commentin' and e-mailin' and thank you for your support.

Also: I have decided that since no one ever reads this thing on the weekend anyway, this is now a Monday-Friday blog for the forseeable future. I'm worn out, folks. I need a break every once in a while.


Captain Canuck said...

checking in from the planet Skyron....

Anonymous said...

I am also a pack rat and will gladly send however many I find to you.

jacobmrley said...

I'm sure i have a pile of blank cards i can send ya, as for numbers, it will be more than 10 and less than 100 as i have a whole empty wax box full of "filler" cards i use for ebay mailing.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the planet Skyron in the galaxy of Andromeda? This can mean only one thing:

They mean to win Wimbledon!

Slangon said...

I believe I might have 10 or so of them things laying around. I'm in.

night owl said...

So, the neighbors must say: "does that dayf family ever have any garbage to put out to the curb?"

I delight in throwing those things out, just because it's the only thing from a pack that I CAN throw out.

Anonymous said...

You mean we're supposed to post everyday, and not just a couple times a week (maybe)?

word verification: trapping

I see what you did there...

PunkRockPaint said...

I'll gather up a stack...

Better ponies than piles I always say.

Nachos Grande said...

I'll send some your way as well. I think I can find more than 10 but less than 100.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Same here more than 10 less than 100.
Happy to give them a good home.

dayf said...

So far:
In -
Canuck (Gets his Skyron pass waived because I already owe him piles of stuff)

Three more slots available.

Shlabotnikreport: Angus Podgorney, What DO ye mean?!

Night Owl: I make those chumps on Hoarders look like minimalists.

mmmrhubarb: I'm supposed to post every day. Normal people are not. I just need a break and there's not much going on the card front. Plus no one likes my Pony posts so I'm going to sulk for a while.

Sports Card Blog said...

I'll send ya some. Shoot me your address.


Twitch said...

By my count, that's 8. So I'm in too. You can have any small ones I accumulate in the next few weeks. I only keep thicker ones for my own nefarious sketch card purposes.