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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sketch Card #8 - Mike Moustachas

I am compelled to begin this post with the first animated gif I've found that even comes close to the brilliance of Italian Spiderman:

I mean, it's not quite there, but it's damn close. I just had to share that. Now, on with the sketches.

Eric at Manupatches and Mustaches has created a Mustache Card FrankenSet. As someone with a fondness for manly facial hair and as the person who originated the concept of the FrankenSet once I had blatantly stolen the idea from Ben Henry's The 792, this was highly relevant to my interests. I found a pile of mustaches he needed for the set and wondered what to do for a sketch card.

Dude's a royals fan... and likes mustaches. Hmm.. Who's big on the Royals. George Brett. No mustache. Zack Grienke? Wait, he got traded. Jeff Franceouoeueoeuor? Nope. Oh wait, Mike Moustakas was like a #1 pick or something. And Moustakas is spelled very similarly to mustache...


Dammit, he's got a soul patch but no mustache. Well, other than that unshaven peach fuzz. I'll handle this. We can rebuild that mustache. We have the technology. Here's the back:


Now, witchcraft. And penny sleeves. And a Sharpie.


Thank goodness Eric scanned all of them in his post on the cards, that saves me a hell of a lot of time. Here's a card of the most famous mustache in baseball just so you can get a taste of the finished product.

Ha! Ha! The style is no longer blank! That's ingenuity! And sloppy handwriting!

This sketch card/conceptual art project was such a hit it made the Month in Review list for October on a blog I'm not sure is in my Daily Reading list or not. Hey! There's over 400 blogs on that thing! You try keeping up with them all! Yes, Month in Review for October. I'm a little behind in posting these things and I just drew another sketch card today. I should get to that one by Valentine's Day.

I know I just inflicted pony on you at the beginning of this post, but there is no way in hell you're getting through this post without some Steven Magnet. For best results, listen to the song while watching the gif.

What a world!


Eric L said...

I may have to put up a "Moustachas of the Month" picture on my sidebar showing them off.

Andy said...

dayf, your creativity is seemingly boundless. Very clever, and a damn fine sketch too.

SpastikMooss said...

Haha it's even better the second time around!

The Lost Collector said...

I said it before but I'll say it again, this is awesome.

Josh D. said...

First, thanks for the shout-out!

Second, not only did you make it last month...you made it again this month!

Third, I'm running a contest now if you'd like in. Sign-ups close on Sunday.