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Thursday, November 10, 2011

October Card Show - Cheap MOJO

While I wasn't able to find a whole lot of 1979 Topps at the show, it wasn't for a lack of trying. Any dealer with a significant amount of vintage stuff from the '70s lying about got pestered for '79s. One dealer had piles of cards from the '60s and '70s but I wasn't able to figure out where the '79s were. After asking one guy, who looked around for another guy, who actually found the owner of that table I was able to find out that the '79s were buried under the '78s. There was nothing I needed in that pile or in another box of '70s junk the dealer was able to find, but he did have a pile of fifty cent relic and auto cards. I tried to steer my son into getting an autograph card but he was still sulking over not being able to get an autograph in person from one of the signers since we arrived late. I had to pick up some cheap MOJO, because I am an addict and cannot resist the shiny. These cards were amazing 6 to 10 years ago!!

Kerry Wood relic from Origins. Because I secretly kinda like Origins and I know a bunch of Cub collectors.

200? Bowman's Best Clint Nageotte. This one I might keep just because it looks cool. Clint pitched a few games for the M's but I think he's out of baseball now. I like that the autograph looks like it was signed with a fat Marks-A-Lot permanent marker.

Yhency Brazoban is actually still pitching, no? I pulled a Pedroia auto from '04 Elite, this card was probably hiding two packs over. I know as many Dodger fans as Cub fans so this will likely be involved in a trade eventually.

No idea what set this is from (I think it's from a cross brand thing Topps did a few years back) and Ben Hendrickson  didn't do a whole lot for the Brewers, but Thorzul has pretty much wiped me out of Brewer hits with all the packages going back and forth between Atlanta and Milwaukee. Gotta restock on the Brew Crew.

All that for two bucks!

I shoulda just bought a pack of Update...

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