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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sketch Card #4 - Twilight Starlin

"Go check out Cardboard Junkie - There might not be something about ponies on it today"


A pony a day keeps the sanity away, and with crap like this going on, who needs sanity?

Here's the 4th sketch card sent out to the peeps. Also first pony.

Chicago Cubs shortstop Twilight Starlin. No I don't know how horses could possibly play baseball. Kickball I could see. Twilight just has that bat to break some opponents' kneecaps. Hey, that kind of thing just kinda happens in Chicago. Horses have kneecaps, right?

Ok, how did this Blasphemy of Nature come about? When ponies first invaded my free time I had an idea to combine them with baseball to make both poniez and hardball 20% cooler. Or immeasurably worse, one or the other. So, cartoons where baseball players become ponified seemed like a good idea. The 2011 Heritage Starlin Castro card inspired me to put the Cub at short on my pony team. I had a short list of  ideas for drawings but didn't actually get around to drawing any of them.

Then I foolishly bought a rack pack of Bowman Platinum pretty much because Freddie Freeman was on the wrapper. 2012 Bowman Platinum will have Julio Teheran on the wrapper and I'll do it all again because Topps knows I'm a schmuck. I posted the pack rip here (interestingly enough, this is the very first appearance of a pony on the blog) and blogger Tom mentioned he liked the Cubs cards. So I packed 'em up, added a small pile of feelthy Cubs to get them out of my house and finally drew a ponified ballplayer on a sketch card to send along. The back:

What do, indeed? The Braves don't have a shortstop at all, pony or otherwise. We'll give you Prado for Twilight and a filly to be named later. This card was apparently a big hit with Tom and one of the throw in Cubs is going toward a table project he's got in the works. I want pictures when that's done! I'm pretty sure Tom sent something back but my trade piles are so disorganized that it will have to wait for later. Thanks Tom, enjoy teh ponay!


Paul Hadsall said...

Baseball ponies. I like. :)

P-town Tom said...

I don't think you'll find anything in package form from me. I think I've been confusing my card bloggers, who I've traded with, and who I haven't. I think I need a secretary... or at least a way to keep the cat off my desk.

Long story short: table should be done this weekend and then the next item on my list is to send a package of my art your way to make good on the baseball pony art.

Thanks for your patience!

carlsonjok said...

Horses have patellas (knee caps), but they are not where you might expect. They are located on the upper part of the rear leg where it joins with the body flank.

Twilight would be better advised, assuming she can come over the lack of an opposable thumb, to aim for the carpal bones in the front knee (which is actually analogous to the human wrist.)

Are you sorry you asked?