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Monday, November 21, 2011

Transmogrified into being: 1958-1972

This post puts the 2010 Transmogrifier to bed. There's a couple of cards I redeemed that I never showed like a 2005 Brian Jordan card, but I don't think anyone's going to miss not seeing that one. Here's the good stuff. The oldy moldy stuff! The stuff I couldn't get to save my life this year! I redeemed three die-cuts, but not one damn card older than 1967. I could trade the die cuts for random commons from 1960, but I'm still trying to get my J-Hey that I foolishly passed up due to greed. Other than the die-cuts (which I admit, are nice) out of 43 cards I've gotten exactly 7 that I actually need. I'm trying to trade some off for needs but it's going very poorly right now. I might need to do a "Take my cards - please" post in the near future. Here's last year's goodies.

I'm pretty much an iconoclast when it comes to card tastes, but I still don't understand why no one seems to like this set. Ok, so it's extremely low-fi and looks like it was created by a 5 year old for a kindergarten art project. That's why it's awesome! DIY! Outsider art! Punk rock, baby*! Besides, it has a bunch of pretty colors and you know how I like those.

This card back reminds me that I need to restart the Cartoon posts. Maybe tonight. This week is gonna be rough.

Rookie star! Me likey 1960 Topps. I think the fact that my financial situation in 2009 prevented me from getting several boxes of Heritage that year might have started my slow card collecting decline. It certainly broke me of the habit of buying up random blasters and repack boxes.

This card was in pretty decent shape for a 1960 Topps card but the back is kinda faded. I've seen this on several other cards from this series though. The cards with white card stock are usually pretty bright with strong ink, but the graybacks get fadey like this. Heritage got this right too. 

1969 Topps. One day I will appreciate this set. That day is not today. Give me the Burlap '68s anyday. 

The backs are really nice though . Strong black with a good  shade of pink (unlike '64 Topps - eeeccch) with white in all the right places so you can read everything. This back is a little waxy, but that just lends some authenticity.

'72 Semi-high number! W00t! This card inspired my Ted Zoolander mashup that I would link to if I had any time this morning.

So classy. Best set ever. Other than 1953 Topps. The cartoon is a little small. '53's got 'em beat there. 

This card I was really excited about when I redeemed it. When I got it delivered, it looked like the UPS truck ran over it a few times. Some of you think I'm about to go into a rant about the condition of the cards Topps sent out as redemption, but I'm not. This card is perfect. It accurately represents just what Major League Baseball did to Curt's career. And Bowie Kuhn is in the Hall of Fame. Curt is not. Neither is Marvin Miller for that matter. Yep, this card is perfect and I love it. 

I think in 1952 Topps bought a billion gallons of red ink and spent the better part of four decades trying to get rid of it. In the Sixties, they got cheap and tried to make it last longer by diluting it. PINK. PINK EVERYWHERE.

Ok, here's the crown Jewel of the entire Transmogifier process:


Only he can make the 1961 Topps set look good.

Now that's a hell of a cartoon. Stealth perfect game by Don! Because he throws a small ball! I have nothing more to say about this cardboard perfection.

Now back to the drudgery that is the Transmogrifier Mark 2. Someone accept a trade! PLEASE!

*You can't get much more DIY than an 8-bit version of a Minuteman song.


Doc said...

If you get in the trading mood, I posted my DG cards on my blog.



Doc T!

AdamE said...

I see that I need to find a 50s Brave card to send you.

Slangon said...
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Slangon said...

Finny. I have almost the twin of that Curt Floor: