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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sketch Card #3 - '59 Coot Veal

Here's the third sketch card I created and sent out. I guess it's technically sketch card #4, but I'm keeping the Hrabosky. We'll refer to that one as sketch card #0. This one went out to Dustin over at Coot Veal and the Vealtones. Somehow I found out that Dustin collected Miguel Cabrera cards and I have a CRAPLOAD of Miguel Cabrera cards that I got in a random lot one time. I sent as many unique ones to him as I could and decided to throw in a sketch card for good measure. What other subject could I possibly choose?

1959 Coot rookie in the hizzouse. Or a reasonable facsimile. I sketched out the border first and then drew Coot. The Tiger logo was fun to draw. The lettering was not. I hate lettering, I'm a casual font geek so trying to hand draw various fonts and not being able to do them perfectly irks me. I was able to pull off the white lettering for the name well enough, but I didn't even attempt it for the team and position name. The letters are way too small. This is the first drawing done on a card from a pack of Artist Trading cards. They have packs of twenty blank cards in Michael's for about two and a half bucks. They are about the weight of a base Topps card, but with a vellum surface for easy sketching. there are also cards with other surfaces including canvas. The vellum is good for pencils, charcoal and pastels which is what I have been working with so far. I could probably use the security inserts inside retail packs or cut my own cards out of some card stock I have but this is way easier and cost less than a pack of Chrome.

I adapted the cartoon on the back of Coot's '59 card for the back. This was more fun to draw than the front! The '59 cartoons with the ridiculous feet are pretty distinctive. As is the lettering. I need to catch up on my cartoon posts so I can get to the '59 set before Opening Day. I told Dustin that there was no need to send anything (I really want all these Miguel Cabrera cards out of my house) but a package arrived containing some random Braves, cards off my want list and a neat 1971 Bazooka card of Orlando Cepeda. Thanks to Dustin and Coot!


Play at the Plate said...

Very nice. That's a cool thing to include in a package.

Dhoff said...

Thanks again, Dayf. Cool to hear about the artist's process, especially those goofy feet. Glad you liked the cards. I bought that Bazooka card months ago off eBay on the cheap with you in mind. I'll be posting the Coot sketch card again soon on my blog.

The Lost Collector said...

Nice work. Looks good!