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Saturday, November 19, 2011

MLP:FIM Season 2 Ep 7

Getting this out of the way early.

Ok, Episode 7. Rainbow Douche adopts a pet. Not gonna lie, I've got a Pony hangover right now. Last week's episode was cool. It had Lebowski in it. It was an homage to The Red Shoes. It was funny and silly and my daughter watched it over 9000 times this week. Combine this with a highly stressful week, back pain brought about by stress and a general feeling of ennui and I kinda got a little sick of Pony. Now we got a Rainbow Dash episode. Oy Gevalt. This might be a Strawberry Shortcake blog by tomorrow.

Streams here. I usually go to the Reddit one if I can find it and don't get bumped two minutes before air.

Episode 7 in 30 seconds:
(The girls play at the park with their pets) 
Rainbow Dash: "Howcome you losers all have pets and I don't have nothin?" 
Twilight Sparkle: "Perhaps because you're a selfish lazy slob who could kill a pet rock through neglect?" 
(Pinkie Pie does something random) 
Rainbow Dash: "Ok bitches, which one of you dumb animals is COOOOoooOOOL enough to hang with the D?" 
Animals: "Derp." 
(Fluttershy gets two seconds of screentime and steals the episode) 
Rainbow Dash: "I know! Let's have a race! Because that's the only thing I'm good at!" 
(Race is run) 
(Animal Hasbro wants to sell the most toys of wins)  
Rainbow Dash: "Ohmygosh! I totally did not expect this outcome! I learned a lot about friendship today!" 
(Spike sends a letter to Princess Celestia, exeunt) 
Scootaloo: (runs in after credits wearing a chicken costume and racing shoes) "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU....."

Ok, I need cawfee bad, so here's a drawing of squinchy face Rainbow Dash and Plastic Man I drew like, a month and a half ago.

I really need to color Plas, don't I?

Spoilers & Nonsense later now.



(so does Rainbow Dash)

Story of my fukkin' life. The Falcon finally wins something and it doesn't matter. I shall adopt that poor rejected Falcon and name him Jesse. Let's go, Hammer! Forget Rainbow Dash!

Jeez, I pretty much nailed the summary of the episode, didn't I?

Rainbow's new pet:

How to choose your pet: put them through a grueling ordeal and the one who lives becomes your property. Oh wait, never mind, I like this critter better. Rainbow Douche in full effect!

Oh and there was Wagner. In My Little Pony. WAGNER. Yeah, this show is for little girls.

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