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Monday, November 14, 2011

Obligatory Rookie of the Year Post

Freddie Freeman got robbed! Just like Heyward last year! Freddie had an awesome year! How could you not vote for Fab Five Freddie?!? It's a gyp! It's a sham! It's a... wait, who won the award?

Yeaaaaaaaah! Kimbrel! Craig's rookie of the year! Best relief pitcher in the NL! Even with Fredi trying to rip his arm off all season! WOOOOO CRAIG KIMBREL ROOKIE OF THE YEAAAAR!

*Freddie Lineage Rookie card courtesy Chris at Project '62 who is owed many, many Cubs.


Captain Canuck said...

that sure don't look like Kimbrel.... I don't think he can even grow facial hair yet.

Laurens said...

Looks like Scott Proctor

dayf said...

For goodness sake, I snagged the pic from Sports Illustrated!


I think they know who Craig Kimbrel - um, Craig Kimbreal is!