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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October Card Show - '79 Cobra

Hey kids! Look! I won second prize!

Card show loot time! No one yelled at me for blowing off my '54 Charlie Silvera post (this is turning into a running joke) so I'mma blow it off until tomorrowish. This card represents the only goal I failed to achieve at the show. I wanted to complete a set, but was unsuccessful. this was not strictly my fault though as I looked for these cards everywhere, but no one seemed to have any. I did find one I needed though:

1979 Topps Dave Parker. I am painfully close to my 1979 Topps set and I thought I could complete it at this show with all the vintage sellers that were sure to be there.


Apparently 1979 Topps isn't vintage enough for anyone. Uncle Dick's quit at 1978 Topps. Other sellers didn't have any 1979 binders or boxes either. The seller that had the posters had a box of '79 Topps... football. One guy had about 18 '79 Catfish Hunters but not the two other cards I needed. Sports Memories of Oklahoma usually has some but he wasn't there this time.

I found this card in the same box as the Willie Mays I got to complete my 1972 Topps Series 1 set. It was horribly overpriced at $1.95, but averaged out with the Mays and one other card I got from the guy it worked out ok in the end. Plus I supported a local card shop! At a card show filled with a bunch of other sellers I'll probably never see again! Ok, so I'm not the most logical person out there. This happens when you LOSE ALL YOUR FREAKING WANTLISTS. How does this even happen...

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night owl said...

This drives me crazy -- why don't card show dealers sell cards from the late '70s/early '80s?