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Monday, November 7, 2011

October Card Show - Doubles from the $2 box

I didn't realize that the Freedom Card Show was happening until I got an e-mail from BP sports literally the day before. As a result I was completely unprepared. Combine that with my perpetual state of being disorganized and I didn't even have my wantlists with me when I went. I am one of the few luddites left without a smartphone so no pulling up all the wantlists on my blog on the phone for me. I have to have scribbled up pieces of paper in a ratty red folder. But, like I said, I didn't even have that, I had to make do with some hand written pieces of notebook paper hastily scratched after pulling out the binders and doing a reality check. This, obviously caused some problems at the show with missing and miswritten lists. I managed to only pick up two doubles though, which is not too bad considering. Both are ones I don't really mind having and they were from the cheap $2 box at Uncle Dick's (remembered the name that time!) so it didn't cost me much. One was a complete accident, one was kinda on purpose. I'll show off the advertent, then the inadvertent.

Dale Murphy rookie card for two dollars. TWO DOLLARS. How can you sell a Murph rookie for two freaking dollars?! I pined for this card for YEARS when I was a kid. Years I say! It always had a $35-$50 price tag on it so I slowly sulked over to the bargain boxes while my dream card remained imprisoned in its glass case. Now I got it for two bucks. My 14 year old self is dancing right now.

But wait there's more! Bonus abstract artwork of a red Gumby scratching his head in the upper corner! Or maybe that's a 9. Still! Extra artistic augmentation! I already have one of these for my team set, now I have a second for my '77 Topps set. Or, who knows? I may becone a Rick Cerone SuperCollector. Stranger things have happened.

At Uncle Dick's I hit the '53s hard. Came up with a very nice little haul too. Five cards were found for the set. On my hastily scribbled list was card #109. This Alvin Dark card right here. I looked at this card quizzically when I saw it on my list. Surely I had Alvin Dark already? There's no way I don't have this card already. But... it's on the list. I just went through the binder last night and did a reality check on what cards I needed. There's #109! Right there! I have pretty much memorized all the cards in this set between the 1991 '53 Archives set and the placeholders I printed out for my set. So I got Alvin for $2. A 1953 Topps card for the price of a retail back ain't bad at all.

I got home, opened the binder, went to Alvin's page.. and there was Mr. Dark staring at me. Yep, I already had Alvin. Yogi I didn't have. Card #104. My 4s kinda look like 9s when I write. This is why I type my wantlists. Oh well. Time to make a trade bait post maybe?

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Dhoff said...

Most definitely that is Gumby scratching his head.