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Friday, November 4, 2011

Housekeeping post

Ain't nothing good gonna get written about cards today so I'm not even going to try. I'll do a 'state of the blog' metapost instead.

So here's where we are. After loathing baseball cards for much of this calendar year, an emergency pony transfusion has refreshed and renewed me and I'm all excited about the world again. I am also now as hopelessly backed up as I was when I got disgusted in the first place. So much time, so little to do.

Scratch that - reverse it.

So here's where I'm behind: Posting, responding to e-mail, sorting trade packages, mailing trade packages, scanning and uploading everything, drawing ponies. I'll hit each one of these concerns individually.

Sorting trade packages: I have a whole pile of packages that are unopened or opened once and quickly looked at that I have to catch up on. I appreciate every one of them, but between sorting them out, and scanning and posting about them all, it just got to be too much. I'm adopting a Thorzul attitude towards trade posts now, which means no trade posts ever. Not that I've done any trade posts lately, it's just now official policy to try to keep me sane. If there's something relevant to a post (sticker packages) or something that inspires a post it'll get posted but otherwise I just can't do it. I'm not as organized as Night Owl. I'm not as organized as the entire cast of Hoarders. Which leads to...

E-mail: This is my current G-mail inbox:

Yes that's over 5700 unread e-mails. I told you I wasn't organized. I try to keep up with important e-mails but a whole lot of them get lost in the shuffle. Sorry. It doesn't mean I don't love you all, it's just that I am a hopeless fuqueup. If you send me something and I don't respond in a timely manner, please send it again, I'm not ignoring you on purpose.

Sending packages: I'm actually kind of caught up after a trip to the post office yesterday. I have one package bound for England that I need to send and another couple in the planning stages. HOWEVER. I found some cards the other day that I was CERTAIN I had mailed off months ago. After a little more excavating of some junk boxes I found some more stuff that I pulled for some reason or another but can't remember why. This next bit is very important:


I'm pretty sure I owe Stats on the Back something now, and probably Joe the Reds guy too. Other than that I have no clue and will have to dig through e-mail to double check myself. Please save me some time and shoot me a message or a comment saying "Hey you remember that X you were gonna send?" Even if I don't owe you something you can pretty much get away with saying I do at this point and I'll send you cards. I really want to get rid of some stuff anyway.

Scanning and uploading. Exactly what is says on the tin. I am behind on this. Especially the art. I'll get it done soon. This doesn't affect you at all anyway. Why am I telling you this?

Drawing Ponies: I'm actually doing ok on this one. I have two outstanding requests for ponies. If you want one just ask or trade me a sticker off my want list. I can't handle any more than one want list out at a time so I'm not putting up any more until I'm done with the stickers. Speaking of Ponies: Front Page of the Wall Street Journal, beeyotches! Now all the stock market dudes can watch ponies instead of fcuking the economy.

Posting: Is a goddamn mess right now. I'm behind on my sticker posts, WAY behind on the cartoon posts and I got a bunch of card show posts clogging up the Queue as well. Plus all the other crap I do on the spur of the moment like impending Hot Stove ZOMG WREN JUST SIGNED $PLAYER. I gotta get organized so I'm making like Twilight Sparkle and putting up a schedule:

Saturday: New Episode, so Ponies in the morning, stickers the rest of the day.

Sunday: Card show pickup and Sketch card

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1954 Cartoons

Tuesday, Thursday: Card Show/Stickers

Art and assorted nonsense to be interspersed throughout the week. If I fail on this schedule please kick me in the nuts. In a metaphysical sense that is.

Ok other things of interest:

Book Poll: I'm almost done with Drinking at the Movies so I'll be reading the next book this weekend. Fear and Loathing is currently in first place, but I don't have it in hand and there is not a single copy in the Cobb Countly Library system. So instead, I'll be reading the George Carlin book unless there is a late push for another title by tomorrow. I'll work on finding a copy of F&LiLV in the meantime.

Transmogrifier: Someone traded me the Musial, so I have 45 unique rings now.

I had no other option but to click Redeem so I did. I guess Topps is sending me a set now? Do I have to pay for anything? Someone out there has to know how this works.

Art: I have set up a Deviant Art account to post my schtuff. My handle is Mickey-Malice after my Reddit username. I have no idea how that place works but I'll be slowly adding stuff over time. Eventually I might even get caught up and start posting daily! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! I kill me. One last question: Is anyone else seeing this ad on EVERY dang page with Google ads?

I posted on my Deviant Art profile that one of my favorite artists is Howard Finster and ever since then I've been bombarded by this outsider art auction ad. There are Finsters listed too, I'm trying to figure out how to raise a quick grand for a Finster Angel. Just curious to see if everyone is seeing this ad or if Google really is Big Brother. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

He loved Big Brother.

(still time to vote for Huxley!)


cynicalbuddha said...

Hey Dayf,
With the Topps Set. Shipping is free, I think, at least I wasn't charged anything and you can add 24 cards for free to be delivered too. You still have to request delivery.

Captain Canuck said...

you still haven't sent me those '53 Spahn and Matthews I need.

Just sayin'

jackplumstead said...

Oh to so innudated with cards....