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Saturday, November 5, 2011

MLP:FIM Season2 Ep 5

Rarity Episode! And Sweetie Belle. Doing sister stuff apparently. It's pretty much Rarity and Rainbow Dash until December. Applejack hasn't had an episode since Gen 2. As long as Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy get one good scene in an episode I'm happy.

Episode airs in an hour. If this post doesn't update with links and such  by 8:30 you'll know I overslept.

Ok where was I. Oh yah. poniez. I'm here, other streams here. Some dude on Reddit sums up this episode perfectly.

All righty then. Rarity episode.

Well, sure Rarity, whatever you say.

Full disclosure: I haven't actually drawn any French girls. Or ponies.

I'm not as geeked for this episode as I was for the first four, so this post may very well become a Rarity image macro dump before it's all said and done.

Basically for this episode I'm looking for two things:

Rarity is not characterized as a total bitch, and

Four episodes in and not one pony has inexplicably broken into song. WTF?

Episode's about to start. Gettin coffee and cereal. Be back in a half hour to provide a winter wrap up.

Oh GAWD. The episode airs at ten again. I need to learn to read a TV schedule. I'll get my sticker posts lines up in the meantime then.

Eh, they can't all be classics.


Rarity's parents are WONDERFULLY tacky!

The MLP writers are completely incapable of not writing Rarity as a bitch.

Commercial for a dog that poops. wonderful.

Applebloom is best CMC.

No Scootaloo this episode? That girl really is an orphan, isn't she?

Ungulate slavery! For sweaters!

Rarity gets a Scarlett O'Hara moment - sweeeeeeet!

The Element of friggin Generosity is a selfish bitch. C'mon.

Rarity apparently taught Sweetie Belle to be a colossal bitch too! SISTERHOOD!

I'm glad Applejack is getting some serious screen time but does she always have to be the straight pony? APPLEJACK IS NOT A SECOND BANANA. GIVE HER AN EPISODE ALREADY. Nevermind, after rewatching the episode I have come to the conclusion that Applejack will forever be Bud Abbott to Rarity's Lou Costello.

Derpy sighting, couldn't figure out who was her sister though.

Berry Punch has a sister? She was sober long enough to run a race?? The pony genealogists are going to have a field day with this episode. Field day. heh.

Well, I did not see that ending coming. Nice one.

No Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie or Flutters in this episode. Needless cameo from Spike at the end.

Decent show. Things calmed down a bit after the recent insanity. Can we have a show where Rarity is nice maybe? Ah well, we get two straight with Rainbow Douche soon.






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