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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The lousiest pack rip video you will see all year

The good news:
I now have the technology to do videos whenever I please and not just when my family is out of the house and I'm not working and it's daytime and really sunny.

The bad news:
I'm now videoing in my basement instead of my kitchen
I now look like a loser who lives in his mom's basement
I really need to clean up this basement like, right now
The new camera has a wider range of focus so everyone can see just how fat I really am
The sound isn't going to be as good as before
I'm still opening random garbage packs

But hey, now I can vlog (did I really just use that word?) at 2:00am when I'm hammered so hilarity will likely ensue.



This might be my best pull all year - nay, DECADE As God as my witness, I don't know what to do with it. I need suggestions! Here's what I've come up with so far:

  • Put it in the Non-Sport Awesome Binder in a place of honor.
  • Stick it to the front bumper of my car
  • Stick it on my son's school binder when he's not looking
  • Mail it to a random blogger who will then mail it to another blogger and repeat the process hot potato style until on a pre-determined date the blogger stuck holding the Montana has to make it their blog background for an entire month

Any other ideas?


Offy said...

I would have been all over boxes of Estrellas for $10. That's even better than a buck a pack at the Dollar Tree.

night owl said...

Here's what you do:

Get out the time machine. Set the dial for 2008. Mail your Hannah-jo sticker to my house. Then wait for my daughter to arrive at your door, because she has asked to be adopted by you (and received permission from me because she won't stop going ON and ON about that stupid show), because her mean daddy insists that she buy those stickers with her own money.

Unfortunately, she now hates Hannah Montana. So I'll go with slapping the sticker on your son's binder. That sounds like fun.

SpastikMooss said...

Son's Binder.

I always love the hot potato game, but 5 or 6 bloggers in it gets misplaced and is never seen again. Son's binder ensures it'll get its day in the sun!

Although your header could be a good place for it too!

carlsonjok said...

Love the Munch poster in the background.

Ryan G said...

OMG HANNAH MONTANA! Wait, night owl just reminded me it's not 2008. And I'm not a 12 year old girl.

Post it on eBay for $50 and see if anyone's that stupid?

jacobmrley said...

photoshop it into a pony!

Sports Card Blog said...

Get it graded!

deal said...

Hey check out the dude in his moms basement.