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Saturday, November 12, 2011

MLP:FIM Season 2 Ep 6

After watching episode 5 about 40 times thanks to my even-more-pony-obsessed-than-me daughter I have come to the conclusion that I like the episode. Like all the Cutie Mark Crusader episodes from Season 1 it just had to grow on me. Like a flesh-eating bacteria. If anyone ever questions me about watching My Little Pony all I have to do is show them this from I Make Pony Gifs and tell them that even if they don't like ponies they have to admit the animation is fantastic. Sweetie Belle goes through about a dozen emotions in that short clip.

Speaking of Cutie Mark Crusaders, Episode 6 will be chock full of 'em. And speaking of flesh eating bacteria, it will be full of disease too! Cutie Mark Pox!

Episode airs at 10:00am on The Hub. I'll be back to link some streams whenever I drag my ass out of bed.

Yawn. Need coffee. First thing my daughter said to me when I woke up: "Is the new show on?" NO. NOT YET. "How about now?" NO. TEN O'CLOCK "I can haz poniez, plz?" NO. LATER. STOP THAT YOU ARE NOT A CAT. "Pooooooooonieeeeeeeeeeessss!" GEEEAAAAAHHHHH

You think I'm crazy now, imagine how I'd be if I hated ponies with a daughter like that in the house.

Streams here. I was in the Reddit stream last week until I got bounced 3 minutes before the show started because the server was load balancing or some crap. In other words, I have no idea which stream I'll be in. If you see someone named Mickey in a stream say hi. EDIT: I'm in here. Mythbusters is playing right now. I've already seen this episode.

Oh yeah what else we got. Here's a sketch that probably encapsulates this week's show.

Hopes/concerns: I will post this image every damn week until I get what I want

At one time I would have fretted about it being a Cutie Mark Crusader episode, but I've since left the "CMC episodes are the worst episodes" camp. "Spike episode is worst episode" is now my domain. OH FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Kinda worried that we'll have two straight weeks without Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy. But:

Fluttershy has absolutely stolen every single scene she's been in this season so maybe she's been banned for a while to give some other ponies a chance...

And Pinkie gets an epic song eventually if that leaked YouTube video is legit. So I'll deal.

That's about it actually. Just a show about dumb kids being dumb and hilarity ensuing. I'll be back later to post spoilers for all you guys who wait to watch the show when it hits YouTube.



And a Pinkie Sighting! BEST. EPISODE. EVER.


It's a loopy hoop. You know - for kids.

ATTENTION EVERYBRONY: Twilight with Rarity hair is this week's meme.

Red Shoes reference! I'm going to get my mom hooked on this show yet.

Sacre bleu! I have drawn French ponies!

Bobby Fischer is now pony. What do? Never mind, Geri's Game reference.

Multiple Pinkie Sightings! Including GUILTY PINKIE!

No Fluttershy again. She's too cool for the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

NO FRIGGIN SONGS. Ya couldn't have given Apple Bloom an opera singer cutie mark instead of a chimney sweep mark, eh? Grrrrrrrr.

Also: Diamond Tiara stole Pinkie's snarl. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Ok, TWO Coen Brothers reference makes this an awesome episode. Too bad they couldn't have fit this one in there.

A hit man cutie mark? What would that even look like?

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