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Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's time to Stick the Stickers - Giganto Sticker Dump

I got a large package of stickers from Giants fan Adam Smith. Adam was fortunate enough to be the first package I received after Chris Harris' stickah bipping so he managed to complete no less than seven pages. I was going to post these one at a time but what's the point of padding my post count like that? Two-thirds of the NL Central was wiped out in one fell swoop.

I think Astros poster boy Hunter Pence was a Phillie by the time this set was released. I might be wrong.

Completed. I want a sticker update series with Bourn in a Braves uni now.

The Brewers' page features who else - Ryan Braun.

None of these stickers looke like they were pasted in right. It's making me a little nauseous.

The Cubs make my blood pressure rise so I try to avoid them as much as possible. I think that's Aramis Ramirez there?

Or maybe it's Marlon Byrd. I dunno, man.

King Felix. I know this one!

Mis-stuck stickers, cockeyed scan, three posed photos not in a tic-tac-toe row. Feeling REALLY nauseous now.

David Wright. It's a shame we have to past over some of these photos.

I hurt Dinged Corners' feelings last time I talked about the Mets. I'll be nice this time. I, um, really like their... mane?

That's Kinsler right? Michael Young would be coming from the other side of the bag.

I was certain the Rangers would win the World Series when their sticker team set was completed before the Cardinals. Certain, I say! I am a superstitious eeediot.

I spent entirely too long trying to decide if this was Joy Votto or Jay Bruce before I saw the VOTTO on the back of the jersey.

Dangit, Brandon Phillips is too good a player to be stuck sideways. I wish the stickers actually fit in the spaces.
Seven pages stuck! And I still have a few packages left to sort through. If I have time I'll show off something I sent Adam's way later tonight.


FanOfReds said...

Janish doesn't belong in that grouping of Reds... Yikes. Plus, where's Cueto? The only good Reds pitcher... No wonder I didn't buy me no stickahs.

dayf said...

It appears that every team has 8 fielders and one pitcher on their page. Doesn't make a lot of sense really unless they wanted to have a full lineup on every page.

Tom said...

I think that's Starlin Castro in the background.

I like the pages where all the players have the same uniform top on. The Rangers have blue, gray, and red; whereas the Reds are all gray from what I can tell. If they are going with a starting nine for each page, shouldn't Topps try to get them all in the same jersey?

mmosley said...

Not about cards, but PONIES!

I assume you have seen this: