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Thursday, November 17, 2011

October Card Show - Dime Box

You just knew I had to hit a dime box at the card show. It's something I just can't not do. So I did. Did any of that make sense?

I probably shouldn't have though. I hit these dime boxes on the way out of the show. I spent my last two dollars, and I haven't touched folding money since. Scrounging through these boxes got me home later than I wanted. And the dealer was Freedom Cardboard in Alpharetta, which I could go shop at anytime I please. But I did it! I have no regrets! Ok, maybe a few. But I did it my way. Here's a representative sample of the dime box goodies.

I'm sure glad this isn't a sad post.  Most of the stuff I snagged from the box was Topps Updates parallels and inserts. Mostly parallels, including a few Golds. I spent a good fifteen minutes looking for a Wilson Ramos card at the time of the unfortunate incident and this card was sitting on my desk less than a foot away from me the whole time.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiny! I likey teh shiny. Not enough to rotate the image after scanning it though. I kinda rushed on this post. Fun fact: I bought a few packs of Update at the card shop last month and let my son pick out one of the packs. A shinky Ankiel was in the pack. Ok, not that fun, but it was a fact.

LIQUORFRACTORS! I'm not as think as you card I am.

I hate these things (unless they have a Brave on them) but I still snagged 4 of the durn things. Unrotated, this reminds me of the Master Control Program from Tron for some reason*.

Topps 60! Another dumb insert! I think I've pulled/acquired the complete Dodger set from Update somehow.

Ok, enough Topps. I don't know if Chris Masters is any good or not but since I avoid Bowman like the Black Death, I do feel compelled to pick up the prospects when I come across them. Just in case.

I really should have rotated this one. I got this card because: clear plastic card, serial numbered, Real Football, girl on a card, I know at least one Philadelphia Phootball Phan.

Ok, last one. I do not give a Phlying Phook if the NBA cancels their season. The owners are all greedy fools, the players are also overpaid douches. The owners will still make money hand over fist in thier other businesses and the players will go play overseas, often for the same or more money and the NBA will wither and die. Golden Goose in action. That being said, even though I have not missed the NBA one whit, and even if they came back tomorrow I wouldn't watch a single game because I am boycotting them until the goddamn asshole Atlanta Spirit Group no longer owns the Hawks, and the whole friggin league can go right down the toilet for all I care, Al Horford is still my favorite player. And I still like his cards, even if they are ugly Panini cards.

*That reason is that I really am insane. Please send help.

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