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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thus far, the card companies have been very forward-thinking on intellectual property issues, realizing that we're actually promoting their product rather than "stealing" it, and I'm really thankful for this, but it's entirely possible that they could actually be legally compelled to change their policies on our use of their images as part of the fallout of this bill being signed into law, if it ever does pass (and enough of Congress seems to be in the thrall of the entertainment industry's lobbyists for this to be more likely than you'd think, no matter what their constituents actually want).
SOPA will not do a damn thing to prevent piracy, counterfeiting or protect the children. But it will destroy the internet as it exists today, and that's not an exaggeration. 

Contact your representative here

No jokes, no funny, no ponies today. Internets is serious bizniss. Let's all take a few minutes to try to keep from getting locked up over posting an image or linking to a YouTube video.


Andy said...

I have a strong fear that the image above has something to do with my sketch card.

dayf said...

It does kinda look like that right now...